Sunday, December 14, 2014

Islam Has a Secret Santa

Many people practice the "Secret Santa" tradition nowadays. But Islam seems to have invented it.

Can you guess the identity of Islam's Secret Santa?


Dacritic said...

LOL. Hey David, good to see you making cheeky videos again! And the last bit was the best...

"Merry Christmas."

Isaac said...

You are dead wrong as his message was an eye opener to all the brain dead's or the brain-washed. it was surely funny but very enlightening. It would make anybody scratch their head as to how you David could bring forth facts in such a critical and rational way.
Way to go David!!!


Praise the Lord dear Br. David, as I watched your show I feel great Joy in my heart. I never seen such guy that speak so powerfully against the Muslim teaching. Relay Lord Jesus has given the Gift of Knowledge and Wisdom of the Holy Spirit. Great and keep it up, May the Good Lord bless you and your Ministry more and more, in Jesus name I Pray. Amen and Amen

David said...

@Dacritic. I think this video isn't new. An oldie but a goodie :-)

Dacritic said...

@ Isaac.

I'm just saying it's cheeky. Is that "DEAD WRONG"?

Isaac said...


I see it as, 'DEAD WRONG" and not cheeky for his video is full of Parody, Spoof, Skit, Satire, Imitation or Lampooning. He is giving facts with your Islamic sources and have not created his own quotes. If you want to call David being cheeky than Mohammad is the number one cheekiest guy who ever came into this world by concocting all the stuff in the Quran by stealing 65% of the stuff from Torah, Bible, and Arabic Fairy-tales, and giving a seal of his own by declaring himself being the Prophet of Allah. Please note that your Allah is not the same God of Moses. This Allah was 1 of 360-idols of Mecca to whom he declared as a living God to the level of Moses's - this is as per Sahih Al-Bukhari (V2 # 1664).
So, be realistic and go to a psychiatrist and have your head examined.

Dacritic said...


The video is funny, cute and naughty, but entirely true. That is why I'm calling it cheeky, because it is presenting truth but in an entertaining way. Oh, and everyone who is not using the same adjectives you're using to describe something now has to visit a psychiatrist for a check up? Cool.

I'm going to stop here. It amazes me how some people who call themselves Christians hurl insults at other Christians without much thought.

Isaac said...


I took your word "CHEEKY" as rude or disrespectful when on the contrary he (David) was stating facts with quotes from Islamic sources. If I am wrong you have every right to correct me and put on the right track.
FYI - I am not right all the time and often corrected by others. If, I have offended you, I take my words back.

David Wood said...


Presenting facts doesn't rule out being "cheeky." The dictionary definition is "impudent or irreverent, typically in an endearing or amusing way."

Sounds like a fair description of many of my videos.

Isaac said...

Your point well noted.

Unknown said...

David, this was outstanding and an expose. I thought you were kidding until I referenced the materials myself and could not close my mouth. Waoh! whar can I say after this. Great and intelligent job.