Friday, November 7, 2014

Pakistani Police Officer Hacks Shia Muslim to Death for Insulting Muhammad's Companions

In the Muslim world, Shias are killing Sunnis, and Sunnis are killing Shias. Christians are being killed. Ahmadis are being killed. Yazidis are being killed. Women are being raped.

In the non-Muslim world, we're called "racists" and "bigots" for speaking out against the violence.

"Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter." ~Isaiah 5:20
LAHORE—A policeman used an axe to kill a man arrested for allegedly committing blasphemy, officials said Thursday, days after an enraged mob murdered a Christian couple accused of the same crime.

Tufail Haider, a 50-year-old member of the Shia sect, was arrested for allegedly making derogatory remarks toward the companions of the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) and brought to the Civil Lines police station in the eastern city of Gujrat on Wednesday.

“Tufail was kept in the lock-up but he continued uttering derogatory remarks and hurled abuse at policemen. He looked like a malang (wandering preacher) and seemed mentally imbalanced,” duty officer Ali Raza told AFP.

“Assistant Sub-Inspector Faraz Naveed, 36, became very angry on hearing the derogatory remarks against the companions of the Prophet (PBUH) and he killed the detainee with an axe in the lock up,” he added.

Naveed has been arrested and legal proceedings have been started against him, he added.

Around 1,000 Shias have been killed in the past two years in Pakistan, a heavy toll on the community that makes up roughly 20 per cent of the country’s 180 million-strong population, most of whom are Muslim.

There has been a recent surge in extra-judicial killings linked to Pakistan’s blasphemy laws. (Continue Reading.)


ImmersionHomeschool said...

Quick unrelated question if I may - I want to start inviting Muslims over to our home and build friendships. I am finding that when I speak to a Muslim woman she nearly jumps out of her skin in surprise or apologizes profusely as though she did something wrong when I am simply introducing myself and trying to begin a conversation. I feel really sad that in our community Muslim women are afraid when a white woman talks to them. Perhaps it has nothing to do with our community, but I want to start trying to include Muslim women in our homeschool and other circle of friends. Clearly, they need to be shown more love and acceptance than they are receiving. Maybe they will also come to Christ, but no matter what they do, I feel that the local Christian women should make an effort to befriend them. I am looking for good resources to make my house and personal behavior "objection-free" - can't come due to halal, no place to pray, etc. However, I am not sure what else I should do to make our home a place where a practicing Muslim would feel comfortable - dietary restrictions, etc. Can you or anyone reading on this blog recommend how I can go about this - book, online, resources, etc.? I am hoping to maybe even find a family to invite over for Thanksgiving. (And I realize some Christians object to eating Halal meat, but we do not. Since no other Christians would be present during these meal invitations to possibly be offended, I am happy serving whatever is necessary.)

David Wood said...

I'd suggest finding a Muslim friend and telling her that you'd like to invite her and some Muslims over for Thanksgiving, but that you're not sure how to go about it. Thus, you'd be asking her for help, and she'll be happy to help you with planning your dinner. In the process, you'll become better friends.

Blogguy said...

And be aware that they will be Daawa-ing you as well

Unknown said...

Americans are turquey-O-phobe ^^

Unknown said...

[David Wood]"In the Muslim world, Shias are killing Sunnis, and Sunnis are killing Shias."

"Syria." Nov 2013, in the Voice of the Martyrs PDF
VOM contacts are reporting many
encouraging stories of Muslims
coming to know Christ in a variety of
ways. More than 70 Muslim families
have turned to Christ in an area
of Syria where only a dozen or so
Christians existed 18 months ago.
A former mullah who watched
Muslim radicals from different
Islamic sects kill each other while
shouting "Allah is great!" began to
wonder, "What kind of god are we
worshiping?" Then he visited a church
and learned about the God who
doesn't demand killing, but rather
sacrificed his own son for our sake.
His heart was moved to follow Jesus.

Unknown said...

[Blogguy]"be aware that they will be Daawa-ing you as well"

Akins, Wade. 2011. _Sharing Your Faith With Muslims_ (USA: Hannibal Books), 189pp.
A paragraph on 12:
From my own experiences I have grown to realize that talking to Mus¬lims about Christ is very easy. Most Muslims are very open and will¬ing to talk about their religion. They are not ashamed. They are not shy about talking about Allah, their god. They are not bashful in trying to convert you. They are bold in their witness.

Unknown said...

I don't understand why a common person in west gives Muslims such a "victim" status. "Jump out of her skin apologizing"....really?
I was born and raised in Pakistan. Still live with Muslims in USA and never ever have I seen or heard even a rumor that a Muslim ever apologised to anyone what's going on in this world at the hands of Muslims.
As a matter of fact I was just talking to some Muslims about the tragic murder of a young Christian couple in Pakistan and the Muslims were all feeling sorry (for a min) then suddenly the classic never changing always present best justification ever, "WELL LET'S NOT FORGET PALESTINE"...there you have it.
It's ok for Muslims to lynch two people, drag them naked in the whole village and when they can't beat them no more burn them alive and if they feel guilty, well let's not forget Palestine.
God bless this county and the ignorant people that inhabit it.

ImmersionHomeschool said...

Paki P - There is some confusion here. No Muslim has ever apologized to me for the state of the world's affairs. My experience has been the same as yours - told we are second class to my face, told about the inevitability of the coming domination, shouted at in disgust, pushed down to the floor of the bus while 8 months pregnant after refusing to give up my disability seat to an able-bodied Muslim man who wanted it, etc. That's life in Toronto - where nearly all our friends were Muslims. But here in Texas, we have never gotten even close to that far in a conversation. If I say, "Excuse me." to a Muslim woman as I step passed her in an aisle in Walmart, she will apologize on and on for being in my way, offer to move her cart, etc. If I try to engage in conversation, she will apologize for speaking too loudly, for expressing her opinion, for anything. Without thinking, I once asked a Muslim woman at a park about her children's names and ages after telling her about my kids and expressing hope that they could play together. She immediately apologized for using the park when we were there and tried to bundle them off home while I was almost pleading with her not to leave. It's very strange. My husband is Arab, and he's been given some grief about it where we live. My concern is that these woman may have also which is what is the cause of the strange behavior. Two experiences are driving this goal of mine - a woman who came to tears when I simply expressed a wish to be friends and another woman who looked at me after about 45 seconds of conversation who was then called away by her devout husband and said, "You see a woman. Not a Muslim. You don't talk to me like I am animal. I had no idea Christians behaved like this. I am ashamed." I don't what they are teaching in our few local mosques or what the community at large is doing, but when I am getting these reactions and experiences, I feel as though I must do something to show Christ's love to these women - despite the fact that I am well aware what they inwardly think of me and how they will probably treat me. They are deceived and don't know God's love. I do. I am here I should do something to make God's love known to them. That's all I was saying.

Unknown said...

peace and blessings of LORD JESUS be upon you.
I apologises I advance if I was in any way Rude or disrespectful to you. But what I said earlier is true and I'll stick to it. You mentioned that your husband is Arab. Arab from where? (If I may ask). Let me ask you a question. Why can't a Muslim invite YOU to their house? . You can invite whom ever you please to your place it's none of my business but just because some muslima apologized to you for using a park doesn't make them some sorry miserable people.
If I may without hurting anyone's feelings let me tell you how Christians are treated in Islamic countries. We as Christians can't preach gospel, can't have public worship, can't engage in religious dialog, can't proclaim openly that JESUS is LORD, can't protest (without risking our lives and our family's), many Christians don't even dare to raise their voice when their own family members are killed. They are told by their own elders that don't mention it in public, just be glad that it's not you who were killed.
Have you ever been threatened with death to say that you're Lord is Jesus Christ?....... I didn't think so either.
Have you picked up the body parts of your own brother so atleast you can put something in his coffin to bury? I didn't think so either.
Have you lived in constant fear of being persecuted and killed just to walk to church on Sunday? I didn't think so either.
Before you judge me and what I say come live with me in Pakistan for one week.
I'm more than glad to take you with me (all expenses on me) but please please stop portraying Muslims as some victims of western culture.
You can inbox me and I'd be happy to talk to you over the phone.
May LORD JESUS bless you and keep you.

Unknown said...

You should show the love of Christ and I'm all for it. No one needs Christ more than Muslims but when we start thinking of them as some victims of this western society ,I think that's wrong. They have all the freedom in this great country but have you ever thought about your brothers and sisters in Christ who are persecuted everyday just for being Christians?
If a Muslims women's husband don't treat her right you may feel bad about it but have you ever asked yourself that what if that's Islam? That's how every Muslim man treats his wife and those wife's and daughter's who don't obey turn up as statistic in Islamic honor killing. These are the facts not emotions.
You should arm yourself with truth and knowledge before engaging with Muslims so you can answer their questions about your own faith.
Again I'm sorry if I came out harsh , that's wasn't my intention but I will dai it the way it is.
God bless.

ImmersionHomeschool said...

Dear Brother Paki P - I so appreciate your comments and concern for me. It truly means a lot to me.

I did not hear harshness. I heard sincere concern for a misguided sister in Christ. Please be assured that we actually are in full agreement on every one of your points. We are walking in unity.

Please also know that me, my family, my church and Christians friends pray for the persecuted church. We will never understand your level of persecution - even if it happens to us. However, despite our ignorance, we know that the Lord understands, and we call on Him to be your help, strength and preserver. We will now pray for you and yours.

If there is a specific situation or need for which we can pray, will you tell me? We will gather together to pray for you or to help you in whatever way we are able - which admittedly may not be very much.

Thank you again, my brother, for taking the time to reach out to me.

Unknown said...

Blessings of LORD JESUS be with you my sister.
I appreciate your concern over persecuted Christians, our brothers and sisters in Christ. You can pray for them and believe me that prayers help. Never under estimated the power of prayer. It's the most potent weapon Lord has given us.
You can reach me at