Friday, November 7, 2014

David Wood vs. Farhan Qureshi: How Should We Confront the Islamic Challenge?

On the one hand, many of us know peaceful Muslims who have no interest in jihad or imposing sharia law. On the other hand, more than 24,000 deadly terrorist attacks since 9-11, along with the recent advance of jihadist groups like the Islamic State (ISIS), demand our attention. How can we confront intolerance without becoming intolerant? How can we protect ourselves from jihadists while also protecting peaceful Muslims from discrimination?

In this debate on the Trinity Channel, Farhan Qureshi and I discuss how we should respond to the Islamic challenge.


m s said...

Are the non-arabs flocking to isis suddenly becoming mesopotamia nation defenders?

Anonymous said...

Gentleness and respect are good when sharing the Gospel.

But as Jesus himself demonstrated often enough when He was preaching the Gospel, for the Gospel to have a true effect also requires at the same time that any falsehoods that oppose the Gospel need to be demolished, and which in turn can and does cause all kinds of strife. The devil will always kick up a big stink when his lies are exposed.

And as made clear in God's word, you also cannot preach the Gospel in a world full of sinners without offending a few of them.

Also, from God's point of view, gentleness and respect are preferable, but when that does not work then it is time to introduce a war or plague or some kind of calamity in order to humble us and get our attention away from the things of this temporary world (2 Peter 3:7-10) and back on our real condition and our need for the Gospel and eternal life in the next world (Revelation 21:1-4).

"I form the light and create darkness, I make peace and create calamity; I, the Lord, do all these things." Isaiah 45:7

(So the assertion by skeptics that a good God would not allow bad things to happen is false and immature, because futility, grief and hardship are sometimes necessary to humble stubborn sinners and get their attention back on what is most important i.e. eternal life)

WIKI's Page said...

Dear Bro David,

Farhan mentioned in this debate that he left Islam. What is he following now ?

Unknown said...

I would love to understand what really caused Farhan to leave Islam. Its sad it was not the pull of our Lord Jesus Christ. Most of the Muslims I talk with hold Mohammed high in esteem as their model for living; and encourage others to do the same. I comes as a relief to many of us, that their lives appear to reflect little of the example we read about in the Muslim primary sources (Quran, Hadith, Sirat): though if this is where their admiration really lies, it has to be accepted. On probing deeper, however, I discover their perceptions can largely be traced to 20th century edited publications and few have delved far for truth within their own primary sources. This confusion has implications for Muslims and non-Muslims alike, across the globe.

As Christians, we are encouraged to use our primary source, the Bible, as our main reference. We too have gaps in our knowledge, but when these are pointed out I would hope we would return to the Bible to see if there is a valid cause for concern, rather than getting offended. So it is that when Muslims point out that Jesus encouraged his disciples to buy a sword (and even the Romans accepted the Jews need this tool for everyday survival) we look to see if Jesus ever sanctioned its use by the disciples to kill or to maim, or whether he or his disciples ever set this as an example for us. Muslims can do the same with their scriptures.

I have to say I am uneasy at the mocking of any religion without providing primary references (in context) and explaining clearly where the issues lie. I think David's videos explain the issues extremely clearly and well, without being pedantic. Where the eternal soul is concerned, turning the other cheek cannot mean leaving people in ignorance because the truth is unpalatable. Love must include offering people all the evidence on which to make a decision (as gently as possible) even though there is the danger some will choose to reject it. (The light shines in the darkness, but the darkness has not understood it). For Farhan, leaving the religion of Islam must have been very costly and I can understand that he may not want to further jeopardize his position by criticizing his former faith too openly. I pray he will find something far more beautiful and true to take its place.

betwixt said...

For those wanting to know why Farhan left Islam:

As for the latest info about him, you'll just have to Google it yourself :)