Friday, October 17, 2014

"They Won't Even Let Us Kill Ourselves": The Plight of Yazidi Sex Slaves

And Western politicians, the media, and Hollywood liberals like Ben Affleck are still convinced that it's "racist" to speak out against Islam.
A Yazidi woman weeps for her sister
RT—Hundreds of women and girls belonging to the Yazidi religious minority have been enslaved by Islamic State militants, who are selling them, forcing them to marry and convert to Islam, ruining not only their lives, but also the lives of their families.

On the Iraqi-Syrian border, RT’s Paula Slier contacted Amira, a woman whose life turned into a nightmare after her sister was captured by Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) jihadists about a month ago.

The 27-year-old managed to call her and revealed that the jihadists "are hurting us, exploiting us, many of us are being sold." Women can’t do anything to save themselves. What’s more, the militants even "won’t let us kill ourselves."

The family fears that that it would be impossible to find the woman even if the jihadists are suppressed: "We are not sure if she is alive."

"My life is ruined, my mother’s, my family’s. I don’t think we can ever go back to a normal life, not after losing our sister," Amira said.

Human Rights Watch (HRW) has recently released a report, confirming abuses against people belonging to Yazidi community, a minority Kurdish religious group, by the IS militants. HRW said it successfully tracked down 16 Yazidis who escaped slavery, and also interviewed two detained women via phone.

The women shared stories of multiple rapes and forced religious conversions, with some of the victims just children – militants just picked up "those they desired, sometimes with force." They revealed that it was a common practice for IS to separate its captives into categories, depending on their age and sex.

The IS militants recently published online justifications to all sorts of crimes its fighters may do in the name of Allah: "We will … enslave your women, by the permission of Allah, the Exalted." (Continue Reading.)


hugh watt said...

So sad.

Secular media outlets continue to downplay Muslim criminal acts for fear of offending them or PC. This causes problems for other minority groups who are then targeted by people who cannot tell the difference between Muslims, Sikhs, Hindus, etc. This article is further proof of this.

West Midlands Police report reveals 75 per cent of known on-street child sex groomers are Asian

Notice how they avoid stating the obvious and use terms such as "Asian," or "Asian gangs."

“Intelligence suggests that of potential suspects identified, 75 per cent of those known are of Asian ethnicity."

Just who are they of "Asian ethnicity" here?

Unknown said...

Do we know why Islam is so popular among ignorant and illiterate? Because it encourages sex, violence and the power, the most popular subject among corrupt people. Sex and violence is devils’ easy target to trap human and it is also easy to understand. Muhammad used that technique to boost up morale of his fighters since inception of Islam till today thru ISIS, Al-Qaeda, Boko-Haram etc.

Muhammad was born out of union of a man and a woman, but Christ Jesus was from above, begotten not created, radiant from True Holy God, the Father. It was difficult for Muhammad to perceive deity of God without help from Holy Spirit. He had wisdom and earthly knowledge as businessman, but lack spirituality. That’s justify, why ISIS and majority Muslims are so brutal towards humanity even they kill Muslims. When it is question of politics for power, money and sex, not for True Holy God, Islam is the answer to shelter under religion for protection.

Islam is Religion of Politics for power, money and sex.

TAREK said...

Very sad
Hello Dr. David!
Glad to hear that you are going back to ABN next month I hope you will be joined by Brother Sam Shamoun if he is not busy.

Hi RACIST Ben Affleck! Do you have anything to say about this article? I'd love to let you know that a drop of blood of all those killed by muslims around the world is into your hands. You are defending the indefensible. But GOD YAHWEH HAS THE LAST WORD. We shall see at the end of time please GOD.
Wish you all the best in the upcoming debate Dr. David. MAY YOU OPEN YOUR MOUTH AND THE HOLY SPIRIT SPEAKS IN JESUS' NAME AMEN.

Unknown said...

I'm just infuriated by these constant Islamic crimes against humanity and the media's silence and even support for them...

smalltallest88 said...

I was in a discussion with a muslims friend some hours ago about one of his friend that sent him a Broadcast on Whatsapp concerning a man who they claimed was the one taking care of Mecca. He said the friend asked him to send the BC to 10 other friends. Then I asked him what was his reply to the guy. He said "Even if Muhamed come back to life and ask me to send that BC to friends just to receive blessing, I won't do it." I think this my friend now know the evil in Islam. I just want you guys to keep praying for this my friend and some other muslims friends I have cos I sincerely want to see them save from the bondaage Muhamed has kept them. Dr. David may God be with you in your debate. Amen

Dacritic said...

"75 percent of them are of Asian ethnicity", right Hugh? They did not mention this. Perhaps 100% of them are of the Islamic faith.

hugh watt said...


They did mention it. What they consistently do not say is which Asian minority they are from. But that's ok. Most people know.