Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Obama Administration Rejects Claim that Jihadist Groups Share Goal of Subjugating the World to Islam

While some jihadist groups are targeting specific areas, they acknowledge their ultimate goal of subjugating the entire world to Sharia. Consider the various pro-jihad Muslims in the following video. They come from a variety of groups and backgrounds, yet they share a common goal.

According to the Obama Administration, however, such groups are not cut from the same cloth.
( – The Obama administration does not share Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s view that the forces of militant Islam, whether Sunni or Shi’ite, have in common an ultimate goal “to dominate the world,” a State Department spokeswoman said Monday. 

In a hard-hitting speech at the United Nations, the Israeli leader said that entities such as the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS/ISIL), Hamas, the Iranian regime, Hezbollah, al-Qaeda and Boko Haram share that eventual goal.

Jen Psaki was asked at the State Department daily briefing later whether the administration agreed with Netanyahu’s argument that those various groups “are all part of the same kind of militant Muslim – Islamic attempt to rule the world.”

“We would not agree with that characterization, no,” she replied. (Continue Reading.)
Here's why jihadists want to subjugate the world:


Sentry on the Wall said...

This is more of Obama's misdirection and misinformation, in his own pursuit of his personal Jihad goals.

Yes, the evidence shows that he is Islamic in his background and loyalties, and thus chooses to downplay the Jihadist nature of all of Islam.

While he is attacking certain groups that have been impossible to control, this is nothing different than what happens in the Arab and Islamic nations worldwide.

God foretold that the Arab peoples would refuse to live at peace with anyone, including each other. This is the iron and clay mixture of Nebuchadnezzar's statue: The final kingdom is not Rome, but rather, is the Islamic Ottoman Empire, which is being manifested again as a reformed Islamic caliphate.

It has the iron will to kill all who are in opposition to it, showing resolve and deadly backbone. However, the divided nature of the Arab mindset makes it ultimately weak-willed, due to infighting and the killing of other Arabs.

So yes, Obama is indeed a follower of Allah, and in pursuit of his own Islamic Jihadist goals will lie, dissemble, and even kill other Muslims when necessary.

Unknown said...

President Obama's paternal sides are still Nigerian Muslims. He does not have difficult to understand what stupid Muslim brain like Boko-Haram in Nigeria has in their minds. But he is preoccupied to establish himself for his legacy as prince of peace overlooking reality of violent world for Muslims dream.

Muslims always dream big even though all Muslims countries are like Pakistan, Afghanistan, Somalia, Libya, Egypt etc., poor and uncivilized.

Shia Sunni’s fights are eternal fight but still they have common goal to establish evils’ kingdom in this world. Devils must be defeated as God promised in the Bible.

Unknown said...

There is nothing I can say except GOD IS IN CONTROL.

God bless you David and keep you safe.

Joe Bradley said...

Obama is just another fool living in his paradise.

TPaul said...

Two words .... Taquiyya & Dhimmitude .... Obama is using taquiyya to fool the leftards in his administration, while these idiots have resigned to platitudes of multiculturalism that has evolved into this Islamic dhimmitude attitude among these useful idiots of Islam.