Friday, October 3, 2014

Check Out CAIR's Rally Against ISIS

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) has posted a video of their rally against ISIS. As far as I can tell from the video, somewhere between eight and ten people showed up.

If someone even mentions Israel, or draws a cartoon of Muhammad, thousands of Muslims flood the streets in protest. But when ISIS is openly slaughtering unbelievers, Muslims just don't seem very upset. Starting to see the problem?

This reminds me of the "Not in the Name of Islam!" rally I attended back in 2010:


Unknown said...

David, that was as always a masterpiece. I counted the moderate muslims in that protest march, I think they were up to Twenty,......Two-Zero! It is evident that most muslims support the killings in the name of islam--albeit in the closet.
We pray for God's protection over you, your family and members of Acts 17 apologetics. God bless.

simple_truth said...

I Guess that silence is really golden!

The overwhelming majority of Muslims are not going to condemn IS or any other Islamic organization since their loyalty, in the end, is to Islam. They are not likely to take sides with the Kaffir. That is part of the bigotry that most of them share. For most of them, it's religion first wile common sense and reality are somewhere down the list of objectives.

Unknown said...

David, May Almighty God help you to reveal truth about Islam. You got nerve of the Muslim to show the world, how Muslims react to criticize Islam for innocent killing and on the other hand if a Muslim is killed by non-Muslims. Interestingly Muslims are controlled by Israel’s “Tit for tat” policy. One Israel dies for hundred Muslims, but no violent protest in Muslims country.

No Muslims cry for burning Quran or Mosque if Shia or Sunni Muslims burn Quran or destroy Mosque. Allah is not mad with his own Muslims. But if it is done by Christian or Hindu in India, at least hundred people would die by violence. What a religion Islam is!