Monday, October 20, 2014

AI Update

If you haven't looked in a while, there are new articles available on the Answering Islam website. The update includes the following:

Against the background of the massive violence and warfare going on in this world, Roland Clarke presents God's Peace Plan. Silas scrutinizes various arguments made in the mainstream media: Peter Beinart, Islam, and Critical Thinking and Ed Husain’s Islam Versus Muhammad’s Islam. Anthony Rogers examines and refutes an argument put forward by Andrew Livingston, a convert to Islam: Peter’s Confession in the Synoptic Gospels: When Looking Closely is not Looking Close Enough. Sam Shamoun examines various theological and christological topics. Revealing Allah’s Partner in Praise and Honor (Part 1Part 2Part 3) and The One Who Is Truly Worthy of All Praise and Honor (Part 1Part 2). The Quran's Implicit Witness to Jesus being the Divine Lord A series on The Glorious Splendor and Majesty of King Messiah(Part 1Part 2Part 3Addendum). Do Not Tempt the Lord Jesus – But Worship Him Instead! (Part 1Part 2Part 3aPart 3bPart 3cPart 4). And, finally, two rebuttals to Paul Williams: Allah’s Unbound Cruelty and InjusticeHow Women Are To Be Treated in Islam, and a two-part rebuttal to Ali Ataie: The Meaning of Jesus’ NameThe Scholars Have Spoken.


Unknown said...

@anthony rogers
Peace and blessings of LORD JESUS be with you and all.
Brother i wanted to ask you if there's any chance of new episodes on Abn with you , brother David, brother Sam and pastor Joseph?
God bless and and keep you abd your family.

Unknown said...

Email me please. I have some questions: domidoms2012

Dacritic said...

Hey Anthony, thanks for this.

Unknown said...

A section on al-Nabia Isa's poetry would probably be of interest to Muslims who think highly of some literary aspects of the Quran.

Al-Nabia Isa did amazing poetry:

Barnstone, Willis. 2012. _The Poems of Jesus Christ_ (NY: W. W. Norton & Company), 252pp. Barnstone observes on xv, xxvii that al-Nabia Isa "is the great invisible poet of the world. Like the Old Testament prophets, he communicates in wisdom poetry-- in short maxims, in narrative parable, and always in memorable metaphor. .... In the New Testament, Jesus is the unparalleled poet." Collected together, al-Nabia Isa's poetry is "perhaps the most significant and beautiful collection of wisdom poetry the world has known. With the Psalms of David they are the poetry galaxies of the Bible."

His famous "Lord’s Prayer" in Mattai 6:9-13 rhymes in the original Aramaic—see below. What's the most-impressive instance of poetry of which you are aware in the Quran?

Ah-woon ** our Father
d'wash-may-ya ** in heaven
nith-qad-dash shmakh ** holy-be Your-name
teh'-theh' ** come
mal-koo-thakh ** Your kingdom
neh-weh ** be done
tsow-ya-nakh ** Your will
ay-kan-na ** as
d'wash-may-ya ** in heaven
ap b'ar-aa ** so on-earth.
haw lan ** give us
lakh-ma ** the bread
d'son-qa-nan ** of our need
yow-ma-na ** this day
ow'wash-woq lan ** and-forgive us
khow-beyn ** our offences
ay-kan-na d'ap kha-nan ** as also we
shwa-qan ** have forgiven
l'khay-ya-wen ** those who have offended us
ow'la ** and not
ta'-lan ** bring us
l'nis-you-na ** into trial
al-la pas-san ** but deliver-us
min bee-sha ** from the-evil-one
modt-dtil d'dee-lak ** for Yours
hee mal-koo-tha ** is the-kingdom
ow’khay-la ** and the power
ow'tish-bokh-tha ** and the glory
l-al-um ail-meen. ** forever and ever.

The Church of the East’s Peshitta of the Aramaic New Testament lacks an "Amen" to conclude the prayer. A translation and transliteration of the prayer by the native Aramaic speaker Paul Younan is on page 78 of the PDF
There is another transliteration with audio in the video

4 biographies about al-Nabia Isa

Unknown said...

It doesn’t damage his points, but Sam Shamoun is working with an inadequate translation, wherein Aramaic was translated into Greek and then translated into English. Here are better translations from the original Aramaic directly into English:

Luke 20:41-44:
And he [al-Nabia Isa] would say to them,
"How is it that the Sapra [Scribes] say concerning the Meshikha [Messiah] that he is the Son of Dawid,
42-43. and he-- Dawid-- said in the kitaba [book] of Mazmura [Psalms] that,
'Mar-YAH [Master YHWH] said to Mari [my Lord],
'Sit at my right (hand)
until that I put your enemies under your feet.'"
Therefore, if Dawid calls him 'Mari,'
how is it that he is his son?"

Mark 12:35-37:
And Yeshua,[al-Nabia Isa] while teaching in the temple, answered and said,
"How do the Sapra say that the Meshikha is the son of Dawid?
For Dawid spoke by the Rukha d'Qudsha [Spirit of Holiness] that,
'Mar-YAH said to Mari,
'Sit on my right until I place your enemies (as) a footstool under your feet'.'
Since Dawid calls him 'Mari,' how then is he his son?" ….

Luke 1:39-55:
39. And Maryam arose in them-- in those days-- and went quickly to a tuora,[mountain] to a city of Yehuda. 40. And she entered the house of Zakharyah and greeted Elishwa. 41. And it happened that when Elishwa heard the greeting of Maryam, the infant in her womb leaped, and Elishwa was filled with the Rukha d'Qudsha. 42. And she cried out with a loud voice and said to Maryam,
"Blessed are you among women,
and blessed is the fruit of your womb!
43. How did this happen to me that
the mother of Mari comes to me?
44. For behold, when the sound of your greeting fell upon my ears,
the infant in my womb leaped with a great joy.
45. And blessings to she who believed,
because there will be fulfillment to those things that were spoken to her in the presence of Mar-YAH."
46. And Maryam said,
"My soul magnifies Mar-YAH,
47. and rukhi [my spirit] has rejoiced in Allaha my Savior.
48. Because He has looked at the meekness of His handmaid, for behold,
from now (on) all generations will give to me blessings.
49. Because He who is mighty has done great things for me,
and holy is His Name.
50. And His mercy for ages and generations (is) upon those who fear Him.
51. He has accomplished victory with his arm
and has scattered the proud in the thought of their hearts.
52. He has cast down the mighty from the seats
and exalted the meek.
53. He has satisfied the hungry (with) good things,
and the wealthy He has dismissed empty-handed.
54. He has helped His servant Israel
and He has remembered His mercy.
55. As He spoke with our fathers,
with Awraham and with his seed forever."

4 biographies about al-Nabia Isa

Tania said...

Thanks, Mr. Rogers!
Now I have a ton of good new reading material.

Anthony Rogers said...

Paki, there will be new ABN shows coming up in early November.

rivan said...

Anthony, thx for the heads up on the updates. Ill definitely give them a read. Ive been using the AI site for the past few days to counter claims by a muslim on YouTube. It has helped me a great deal. Thanks again for your hard work and dedication.

ApoLogika said...

Glad to hear about the upcoming shows but what everyone wants to know is...

will you be in them?


TAREK said...

I cannot say much.
Dr. David and team please accept my big THANK YOU for all the jobs your are doing.
If only I was a high ranking person only GOD knows what I ' d do for your popularity in this world.
If only the mass media could invite one of you every week for comments well I'm sure nuslims will be save in mass.

Anthony Rogers said...


I am scheduled to be on twice at this point: once with David, and once with Robert Spencer.