Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Mariam Ibrahim Gives First Interview after Escape from Sharia Death Sentence in Sudan

Mariam Ibrahim was sentenced to death in Sudan for supposedly converting from Islam to Christianity. An appeals court overturned the sentence after an international outcry.

Note that Muslim organizations like CAIR and ISNA try to silence all criticism of Sharia. Yet such criticism is often the only thing that saves victims like Mariam Ibrahim. In order to save more people from Sharia, we should be more vocal about the horrifying consequences of Muhammad's teachings.

Here is Mariam Ibrahim in her first interview since fleeing Sudan.


Unknown said...

Until Quran is destroyed no boots on ground in Iraq, Pakistan, Somalia Nigeria etc. etc. could prevent growing another devil group like ISIS/AL-QAEDA/JAMATI -ISLAMI etc., etc.

To prevent Malaria disease, it is not possible to destroy all mosquitos which carry germs of the disease. But it is possible eradicate Malaria by education to destroy breeding ground of mosquitos and by prevention from mosquito bite. Quran is breeding ground of evils and Muslims are vector like mosquito which carries evil ideology of devils, such as killing infidels like Jews, Christians, Hindu, and Buddhists; preventing women from education; blocking Muslims like drug dealers from giving up Islam, criticizing Muhammad and his book Quran etc. etc.

Thanks those who by defying death threat are trying to expose truth about Quran to civilized world to destroy it by its root.

Dacritic said...

At 1:28 to 1:35 of the video, the journalist was saying that the President of the US should be "outraged" and speak with a "force" that no one in the world can. This is what I have mentioned a couple of times. The Potus has to lead this enlightenment effort of the world public about Islam. Now, realistically, we know the current Potus is an ally to Islam, so a lot of global pressure has to be applied for him to realise the facts about Islam. Maybe because of oil money issue with the Middle East as well. But hopefully the next president will visit this blog and start doing something.

Rita said...

2 things here that strike me:

1. I would have thought that the Potus would JUMP at the opportunity to help a black person (I have seen his stances in cases like Zimmermann etc) - but he seems to feel a greater obligation towards islam than towards his race.

2. The Pope (and I have been brought up catholic) really IS a media floozie. While I do not see him go out of his way to defend Christians persecuted by Muslims, I saw him kissing a Muslima's feet as his first media act, let an Imam call to fight "non-believers" in the Vatican itself and pose for a photo with Arabs/Muslims, a photo heavily pregnant with anti-semitism. Yet, when there is a photo-opportunity with a happy outcome for a Christian, he is there. I expect him soon to take selfies.

Hazakim1 said...


Everything POTUS does is to advance his image. POTUS is not African American and was not raised in African American culture....he is actually only half African - half white/European. He does what he has to to keep black Americans trust (comment on Zimmerman, etc). But in terms of actual ACTION to help black people - their plight is worse now than it was when he started. This mulatto POTUS doesnt care about blacks or Africans for that matter. His loyalties, which seem to be a dichotomy, are with the LGBT lobby and islam.

Hazakim1 said...

The more I ponder POTUS's actions and words I think he is a gay islamic atheist anarchist dictator....if that even makes sense. In short, he is quite the anomoly.

Dacritic said...

To be honest, since we're on to these two, I never subscribed to the notion of the Pope. I do not understand why people would call him Holy Father, when, to me, isn't Holy Father supposed to be the address we use for God the Father? But hey, I'm not here to get into any discussions with Catholics. I am just agreeing that these people are all trying to be politically correct...which if you want the truth, is impossible. As for Obama, what can be said that has not been said already? "None so blind, as those who will not see."