Monday, August 4, 2014

Female Jihadist Fauzia Allal Mohamed Arrested in Spain for Attempting to Join ISIS

The media keep assuring us that Islam is a religion of peace and tolerance. Yet the media report the daily proof that Islam commands its adherents to wage jihad. Talk about cognitive dissonance.
Fauzia Allal Mohamed
Associated Press—Spanish police say they have arrested two female Spaniards, one a minor, who planned to travel to Iraq or Syria to enlist in the Islamic State jihadist group.

An Interior Ministry statement says the pair was arrested Saturday in Spain's north African enclave city of Melilla as they prepared to enter neighboring Morocco.

Once there, police say the two women were to be sent imminently to an area between Iraq and Syria.

The elder woman was identified as Fauzia Allal Mohamed, 19. There were no details on the younger woman in Monday's statement.

Spain has arrested dozens of suspected jihadist militants and recruiters in recent years, especially in its two North African enclaves, Ceuta and Melilla. (Source)
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rivan said...

Hello David, hope u and ur family are well. My comment is not relevant to the topic, but I wanted to ask you about ur Paris debate video. When can you upload it, its been a while and I am keen to watch it. Thanks for the great job your doing.

Sai Krishna said...

Tamil Nadu (a South Indian state)is supposed to be a safe place from the terrorist activities. But looks like these buggers reached there also and taught the muslims in the state how to interpret the Koran correctly.