Monday, July 7, 2014

Great Question, Better Answer


TPaul said...

Great Response Bridgette Gabriel, You are awesome. I hope more and more people listen to this and open their eyes to the deception called "Islamophobia" that actually does not exist.

This Musilma speaks of "ideology of the Jihadists", but she is a hypocrite, willfully following that very same ideology, except that she has conveniently sugar-coated her version of Islam to make it palatable for the likes of her and the brain dead left. Islam's agenda is dhimmitude or death, and should be feared by every sane person, for it is an evil abomination straight out of the depths of hell.

9jaguy said...

wonderful response!

Unknown said...

The most hateful word in the world is Kafir.

Islam has many words for non-Muslims - non-believer, polytheists, atheists, pagan, disbeliever, infidel, people of the book (“people of the book” only means Christians and Jews). But the one word that describes them all is Kafir

Simply put, Allah hates Kafirs as mentioned in one of the Quran verses:
>> Those (Kafirs) who dispute about the Ayat (proofs, evidences, verses, lessons, signs, revelations, etc.) of Allah, without any authority that has come to them, it is greatly hateful and disgusting to Allah and to those who believe. Thus does Allah seal up the heart of every arrogant, tyrant. So they cannot guide themselves to the Right Path. [Quran 40:35]

Not only Allah hates Kafirs, but He expects Muslims to hate Kafir too. Here is one among many such verses:
>> LET NOT THE BELIEVERS TAKE THE DISBELIEVERS AS AULIYA (supporters, helpers, etc.) instead of the believers, and whoever does that will never be helped by Allah in any way, EXCEPT IF YOU INDEED FEAR A DANGER FROM THEM. And Allah warns you against Himself (His Punishment) and to Allah is the final return. [Quran 3:28, also see 60:1]

According to Allah, Kafirs are
~ filthy [Quran 2:10, 5:52, 24:50, 39:22, 57:16, 5:41],
~ can be called names [Quran 2:27, 2:121, 8:55, 13:17],
~ are to be deceived [Quran 5:51],
~ are to be killed [Quran 8:12-13],
~ even crucified [Quran 5:33],
~ plotted against [7:178-179],
~ terrorized [Quran 3:151],
~ humiliated [Quran 17:18, 22:18].

Allah has labeled us Kafir; Allah says we are filthy and worthy of humiliation and even death. Kafir is the real truth of Allah. It is hate that is holy - hallowed misanthropy. That is why Islam understands every act against the Kafir as jihad - similar to the way people use bug spray to kill roaches.

All of Islam can be summarized in one sentence: THE PURPOSE OF ISLAM IS TO ELIMINATE KAFIRS.

Just remember - Hate for a belief does not mean that we should hate the one who believes.

Unknown said...

Wow! Nothing else!

simple_truth said...

I remember this from a few weeks ago when the liberals were outright discrediting what Bridgette said and called it hate speech, Islamophobia, and whatever else they could, as well as name calling. When they don't have a rational or reasonable answer, they do their normal routines to distract from the issue.

Anonymous said...

The speaker pointed out the real problem. It is about a struggle between two opposing, fundamentally incompatible ideologies. One, Christianity, on which the western world was founded, commands us to love and help our enemies (Matthew 5:43-48). The other, Islam, commands us to hate and harm our enemies (e.g. Quran 9:29).

It is the Islamic ideology itself that should be opposed, not the poor Muslims themselves, who, even if they wanted to, usually cannot escape its clutches until the ideology is first sufficiently incapacitated to allow them to safely leave it.

Radical Moderate said...

Amen history has proven over and over and over again that it takes a small minority of extremely violent men to control and kill the peaceful minority.

akairey said...

as many times I've seen this on Facebook and on Fox (Hannity) I don't get tired of it!!!

George Monnat, Jr. said...

That was an epic response. As someone I saw on the interweb once said, "I regret that I had but one Like to give."

willy said...

Bravo, we'll said a 100% c I correct! !

christ follower said...

what truth i wish Uk and us gov. understand and modern muslim should as well

Neverrepayevilwithevil said...

This answer took no prisoners.
Bridgette at her best.

Dacritic said...

Simple_truth, also, they sometimes call it "insult". You're insulting Islam! You're insulting the prophet Muhammad! Especially if the person hurling the "insults" are actually telling the truth but FORGOT to quote from the Quran or the Hadith. See, a majority of Muslims need to be brought to see very clearly what their own Islamic sources teach, because otherwise they would think you're just making it up. It's when they see it with their own eyes that they have nowhere to hide. Just like how Zakir Naik is hiding from David and Sam.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful presentation of facts, logic and reason delivered with GRACE! May this go VIRAL and WAKE US UP!! The Majority are CHOOSING TO BE IRRELEVANT!!

Hakim said...

But Brigitte did not answer the question!!