Saturday, May 24, 2014

Boko Haram Survivor Deborah Peter Describes Execution of Her Father and Brother for Refusing to Convert to Islam

How many Christians must be slaughtered in the name of Allah before we are finally allowed to discuss Muhammad's teachings about Christians?
Boko Haram Survivor Deborah Peter
International Business Times—Her father and brother were martyrs for the Christian faith, a Nigerian girl who survived the Boko Haram slaughter of her family told members of the House Foreign Affairs Committee Wednesday. Deborah Peter, 15, recounted surviving a 2011 attack on her hometown by Boko Haram terrorists.

Peter is from Chibok, the northeast Nigerian town where close to 300 schoolgirls were taken captive in April by Boko Haram. She told U.S. House lawmakers how her brother and father were shot in front of her and the attackers put her between their dead bodies, threatening to kill her if she did not keep quiet.

In her statement, Peter recalled how her brother and father were killed on the night of Dec. 22, 2011, when their home was invaded by Boko Haram. She said her brother had told their father not to come home because they had heard gunshots outside the house. But the father had told him not to worry since because "it was not the first time he had come home when people were fighting."
"At 7:30 p.m., three men knocked on the door. My brother answered the door because he recognized one of the men as a Muslim in our community. The men asked where my dad was and I told them that he was in the shower. The men waited. After three minutes, they went into the bathroom and dragged my dad into the main room. They said that my dad was wasting their time and that they did not have time to wait on him. The men told my dad that he should deny his Christian faith. My dad told them that he would not deny his faith. They said that if he did not deny his faith they were going to kill him. My dad refused, saying that Jesus said whoever acknowledges Him in front of man, He will acknowledge in front of God; and whoever denies Him in front of man, He will deny in front of God in heaven. My dad said that he would rather die than go to hellfire. After he told the men that, the men shot him three times in his chest.

"My brother was in shock. He started demanding, 'What did my dad do to you? Why did you shoot him?' The men told him to be quiet or else they were going to shoot him too. Then, the men discussed whether they should kill my brother. One of the Boko Harams said they should kill Caleb, my brother. The second man said that he was just a boy and that he was too young to kill. But the third man said that they should make an exception in this case because Caleb will only grow up to be a Christian pastor. Caleb asked me to plead with them for his life but they told me to shut up or they would kill me too. The leader agreed that they should kill him and shot my brother two times. My dad had still been breathing but when he saw them shoot Caleb, he died.

"I was traumatized. A nearby pastor paid for me to get out of town when he discovered that Boko Haram said they made a mistake by not also killing me. Boko Haram decided later that they should have killed me because I am the daughter of an apostate Muslim mother who converted to Christianity. So the pastor paid for me to get out of that region.

"I fled and Jubilee Campaign helped me come to a 9/11 child survivors of terrorism camp in America. On May 15, 2013, that pastor, Rev. Faye Pama, was killed by Boko Haram in front of his kids."
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christ follower said...

I don't know how long world would keep there eyes close toward that false religion and it's teaching

Unknown said...

Islam is of the devil. it takes a deranged mind to follow moham-MAD. he was the embodiment of all that is ungodly and evil.

9jaguy said...

The sad part is that many Nigerian Christians, especially those in the south, do not believe that boko haram is a religiously motivated group (and therefore do not believe that christians are being persecuted). I think it stems from the fact that they think that the whole north is Muslim. It is so hard to talk to them sometimes about what is actually happening, but thank God for people like you who actually understand what is going on.

Koala Bear said...

Brave girl.