Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Saudi Arabia Puts Atheists in the "Terrorist" Category

The Qur'an lays out strict penalties for anyone who commits the vague crime of "making mischief" in the land:
Qur'an 5:33—The punishment of those who wage war against Allah and His apostle and strive to make mischief in the land is only this, that they should be murdered or crucified or their hands and their feet should be cut off on opposite sides or they should be imprisoned; this shall be as a disgrace for them in this world, and in the hereafter they shall have a grievous chastisement.
What qualifies as "mischief making"? All kinds of things. An atheist trying to spread secularism is making mischief, just as a terrorist trying to blow up the king is making mischief.

Oddly enough, many atheists continue to assure me that Christianity is no different from Islam.
King Abdullah
Daily Mail—Saudi Arabia has officially identified atheists as terrorists in sweeping new laws that threaten up to 20 years in prison for almost any criticism of the government or Islam.

The regulations place secular citizens who commit thought crimes in the same category as violent terrorist groups such as Al-Qaeda's Yemen branch and Saudi Hezbollah.

Under the new decree by King Abdullah, Saudi Arabia will jail for up to 20 years anyone who fights in conflicts abroad - an apparent move to deter Saudis from joining rebels in Syria.

But the law also applies to any Saudi citizen or a foreigner residing in the kingdom that 'calls for atheist thought in any form or calls into question the fundamentals of the Islamic religion on which this country is based.'

The laws have been denounced by human rights groups for making no distinction between religious expression and violent extremism.

'Saudi authorities have never tolerated criticism of their policies, but these recent laws and regulations turn almost any critical expression or independent association into crimes of terrorism,' said Joe Stork, deputy Middle East and North Africa director at Human Rights Watch. (Continue Reading.)


Anonymous said...

As all psychopaths do, Islam has always reacted violently to any criticism of it. It is obviously a very insecure ideology because of its dodgy doctrine which is barely there in regard to any real substance. It’s just a lot of holes, smoke and mirrors, and many things that they would rather hide.

In reality, Islam is good for nothing more than to please and condone the lifestyle of thieves, highway robbers, rapists and murders (here the Islamic and Nazi ideologies share a lot of common ground).

Islam is just one great devil’s trick, whereby Satan would draw criminals (and also to make new ones of ordinary sinners) even further away from salvation (which can only be found in Christ) by causing them to accrue such a long list of sins/crimes, (in Satan’s attempt to bring God’s wrath down on them), and permanently block them from salvation.

(For a very good and detailed insight into the psychology of this devil’s trick, read John Bunyan’s ‘The Holy War’)

The only problem with this tactic from Satan’s point of view (and fortunately for the sinner/criminal) is that God is not dictated by anything that the devil does or does not do.

But where sin abounded, grace abounded much more. Romans 5:20

So there is hope even for Atheists.

Unknown said...


Unknown said...

I think what Saudi Arabia did is absolutely right.
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P.A.Spayd said...

These Islamic countries are no more that fascists states that demean & murder anyone who yearns freedom of speech and freedom of religion for all. "We the People" is not a concept they want. The subjugation of women is appalling. Perhaps we can begin to convert the tiny minority of Muslims who are here in the USA. Like the .4% of us 308,000,000 Christians, Jews and other Kufars.

Anonymous said...

And the Saudi’s want to vilify atheists when Islam itself uses any and all arguments against Christianity, including those false antichristian arguments and accusations frequently used by atheists?

In regard to the common use of these stale false arguments against Christianity and the Bible, Islam and atheists are both in the same bed.

What a great steaming pile of hypocrisy the Islamic ideology is.

Unless the followers of this false ideology repent and come to Christ and his grace, it will be a very bad end for them.

“There will be weeping and gnashing of teeth, when you see Abraham and Isaac and Jacob and all the prophets in the kingdom of God, and yourselves thrust out.” Luke 13:28

Better to follow Christ and be done with the false ideology of Islam.

Therefore, laying aside all malice, all deceit, hypocrisy, envy, and all evil speaking. 1Peter 2:1