Thursday, April 17, 2014

Pakistan: Five Dead in Family Honor Killing

Here's another one of those things we can't talk about without being called racists and Islamophobes.
SWABI: Five members of a family were killed in the name of honour in Kab Ghani village of Gadoon Amazai area here on Monday, police said.

They said that two members of the family were injured in the incident and they were shifted to Peshawar for treatment. The suspect managed to escape after committing the crime, they added.

Sources said that both the families, parties to the dispute, were blood relatives. They said that about a decade ago a sister of Fazl Amin had married his cousin Javed Ahmad without the consent of her parents. According to the decision of a local jirga, the family of Javed Ahmed left the village for Karachi soon after the marriage.

However, the victim family returned to its home a few days ago. The brothers of the girl got infuriated when they came to know about the return of the family, sources said.

Police said that Fazl Amin scaled the boundary wall of his cousin’s house before dawn and opened firing on the inmates. The suspect killed his uncle Jamil Ahmed, aunt Zarqia Begum, brother-in-law Javed Ahmed, sister Nizakat Bibi and nephew Aryan Khan on the spot, they added.

He managed to escape soon after the incident. Police said that search for the suspect was continued. They said that several areas and houses of his relatives were raided but he was still at large.

Farhan Khan, son of Javed Ahmed, and a woman identified as Zarhajia sustained injuries in the attack. They were shifted to a hospital in Peshawar. According to doctors, the injured were in critical condition. (Continue Reading.)

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