Saturday, March 15, 2014

Returning the Favor

A few weeks ago Yahya Snow wrote some blog pieces that he couldn’t defend. When I left comments on his blog, he deleted them. After pressing him for an answer, he finally put up a link to the blog of Paul Williams and told me I could find the answers on his site, apparently unaware of the fact that I have several unanswered posts responding to Paul Williams.

In any event, I would now like to return the favor to Yahya since he sent me on a wild-goose chase:

Yahya, if you want an answer to whether or not there is a disconnect between the merit-based system of Islam, where people are first required to measure up before Allah will love them, and the inescapable reality that human beings are incurably sinful apart from the grace of God in Christ, then please go to Paul Williams website. His most recent article, which you will find here,* is a real eye-opener.


(BTW, make sure to go to the link as soon as possible. It is destined to go the way of all the earth, along with everything else on PW's blog, on Sunday, March 16th.)

* The link is now defunct, but here is a screenshot of the main portion of Paul's farewell article:


Radical Moderate said...

Yahya promoted Ijaz's website but now he is telling Paul Williams not to pay attention to Ijaz.

Finally Yahya gives good advice.

Anonymous said...

Paul Williams left Islam??

If he did he is lucky he lives in the UK, not under A TRUE ISLAMIC STATE and Sharia because he would've been MURDERED for leaving Islam.

I guess Paul Williams never looked into the fact that if you leave Islam Muhammad said you should be killed.

So because he left Islam...can Muslims now kill him? After all as the second Muslim said "you have to have the characteristics to be a Muslim", and Paul Williams didn't.

So now that he supposedly left Islam...he can be murdered like Muhammad DICTATED for apostates.

That is the STUPIDITY of those joining the death cult of Islam without knowing the true consequences, thankfully for Paul Williams, if he did leave Islam,...he lives in a non-Islamic state. If Paul Williams DID live under Islam...he would've been murdered like a stuck pig for leaving.

Zack_Tiang said...

Paul William left Islam. My my...

Good of Ijaz then for being the means to get Paul out...

Radical Moderate said...

It's good that Ijaz did that. Thats a good thing.

David Wood said...

Wow. Williams has enough energy to spend every waking moment attacking Christianity, but he can't get out of bed to pray?

Interesting to see what motivates people. Paul was always motivated much more by his hatred of Christianity and Christians than by his love for Allah.

Radical Moderate said...

Before it gets taken down, you guys have to check out the Thread that Paul Williams and the Muslims are commenting on.

Anonymous said...

Indeed Allah places many demands upon man, but never sanctifies man or lives within His people to cause them to live a godly life.

May the Lord have mercy on Paul to grant Him faith to believe into the gospel.

David Wood said...

To adapt a passage from Bunyan,

"Run, run," Allah commands,
But gives me neither feet nor hands.
Tis better news Lord Jesus brings;
He bids us fly, and gives us wings.

Tom said...

Wah, that is truly startling news that Paul Willaims, is leaving islam!

In the last 3yrs or so as an "amateur Christian apologist", I have learnt, seen clearly, 'that the koran is the "perfect" adulteration, perversion, corruption of the Old Testament, a clear production by the father of deceit,satan!

I do Hope that is part of the epiphany that Paul Williams found.

Love this from muslim apologist,
Ijaz Ahmad, that Paul Williams quotes:
‘Islam is not for everyone because not everyone can live up to the requirements Islam necessitates’.

:) more nails in the islamic coffin!

Pray that Paul William will find the Shalom Peace of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Anonymous said...

Did you see the new law they are proposing in Iraq that has many parents outraged?

The new proposed law would allow a girl as young as 9 years old to marry...and the people are upset. But their prophet Muhammad married Aisha when she 6 years old.

Anonymous said...

Keep calm and leave Islam.

Patrick said...

David Wood love that verse!

Regarding PW we should thank God he's left Islam, but pray that he comes on home to Jesus.

Let's all try be gracious about him too. I know that can be hard some times from personal experience.

Radical Moderate said...

Paul Williams blog is no more, lets hope and pray he keeps his head and is able to truly embrace Christ

Radical Moderate said...

Paul Williams blog is no more, but you can read all about Paul Williams leaving Islam at this site.

David said...

From what I can descern from his blog entry, Paul Williams didn't leave islam because the Holy Spirit has opened his heart to Christ. Rather, it was because he couldnt cut it as a muslim.

The guy is still as far off from the love of Christ as he was before.

Keith said...

‘Islam is not for everyone because not everyone can live up to the requirements Islam necessitates’.

"For the Son of Man came to seek and to save the lost." Luke 19:10.

"For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many." Mark 10:45.

Radical Moderate said...

David wrote...

From what I can descern from his blog entry, Paul Williams didn't leave islam because the Holy Spirit has opened his heart to Christ. Rather, it was because he couldnt cut it as a muslim.

My Response: I agree he no better but no worse off then when he was a Muslim. Like David Wood said it wasn't that he became a Muslim because he thought it was true, he became a Muslim because he hated Christ and Christianity.

Here is a comment I wrote to him on his blog before he closed it down.

Paul Williams in all seriousness you must really be hurting. You failed at what you thought was Christianity only to fail at what you wished Islam was.

You wrote that Islam is just to hard for you, and that you felt like a bad person. That must of been horrible to live like that for all these years. It makes me so great full to know that I have the yoke of Christ,and I have picked up his burden. For his yoke is easy and his burden is light. (Mathew 11:30)

It has been obvious to many that you had and have no clue as to what Christ taught, or anything about the doctrine that you once said you embraced. It was for this reason that the Father pruned you from the true vine that is Christ and sent you out from us to prove that you were not one of us.

That is a good thing. Because that means there is still hope for you, since you never had the blood of Christ, you could not have trampled it underfoot.

It will not be easy for you to repent. Not so much for all the nasty and vile things that you have said and written about Christ, the true living God, and his people. But because you are a rich man, wealthy in spirit, and you are going to have sell all that you have, giving up your false God which is your pride. You are going to have to reject the wisdom of this world and embrace the foolishness of God, and cling to the scandal which is the cross.

It is true that “it is easier for the a camel to pass through the eye of a needle then it is for a rich man to enter heaven.” But if you are one of his people then with the spirit of God all things are possible.

Only after you give up your false god then will you be able to pick up your cross and truly follow Jesus.

Koala Bear said...

‘Islam is not for everyone because not everyone can live up to the requirements Islam necessitates’.

So basically unless you are brainwashed from birth you cannot be muslim? ha ha!

Anonymous said...

I suspect that Paul Williams is the type of personality who takes sides with whomever he thinks is going to win (in order to gain a comfortable position and honour for himself); hence, and because Islam in the west seemed to him to be winning, his defection from Christian ideals to Islamic ones.

But now that Islam been exposed for what it is and might be in danger of going into decline, he has escaped Islam like rat from a sinking ship.

Ken said...

I have not been paying attention to Paul Williams much recently since he completely banned me and would not let any of my comments through a while back.

Did Paul Williams really leave Islam, or did he just put his blog on private mode?

his web-site has disappeared before.

This is kind of hard to believe completely, yet.

I wish I had seen the article at his site. But then again, Derek Adams has no reason to lie. But I cannot tell if it's a joke by Paul or not.

Anthony Rogers said...

For those who missed Paul's post before closing down his site I have updated this post with a screenshot.