Thursday, February 20, 2014

Is Muhammad Mentioned in John 1:19-21? A Reply to Shabir Ally

The Qur'an claims that Christians and Jews find Muhammad mentioned in our scriptures (Qur'an 7:157). For nearly fourteen centuries, Muslims have been desperately examining the Bible, searching for some prophecy about Muhammad.

Shabir Ally, like so many other Muslim apologists, claims that Muhammad is "the prophet" mentioned in John 1:19-21. Here we can only wonder: Has Shabir read the rest of the chapter?


Anonymous said...

I always ask Muslims to show me where Muhammad, any of his wives, or companions ever specifically quote a verse and directly apply it to Muhammad. You know, like how Jesus and his Disciples/Apostles did. Did Muhammad ever claim Deut. 18 was him? Or Song of Solomon 5:16? Or the Comforter of John 14-16? Or any of these verses that modern-day Muslims claim are referring to Muhammad? If Muhammad never did back then, than O Muslim, why are you 1,400 years later?

elk said...

Hello David Wood, this is the first time am posting a comment on your blog even though I read and follow it regularly. I must say that you and your teammates do an outstanding job in answering Muslims including this reply to Shabir Ally. I also must commend you tremendously for your excellent debating skills which you have displayed over the years, you are the best at what you do and may God continue to bless and assist in your ministry for our Lord Jesus Christ.
But with your range of knowledge and access to information I believe that more can be done to refute Islam and the false claims and preaching of Muslims. For example when debating an individual like Anjem Chaudrey he admits to the violent nature of Islam but he attributes it to being divine law from the Almighty God. Has anyone refuted him on the status of Allah? He also attributes to sharia an achievement of a situation whereby everyone was well off and no one accepted charity. The relied upon hadith of Muhammad making a prophecy of this situation needs to be investigated and demonstrably refuted as a false hadith as well as other hadith he relies on for his prophesies. Are all the hadiths he quotes to be found in the sahih sita for example?
It was would be fantastic if your team can have a program to expose false hadiths which aren’t to be found in the books of Islam as they form the basis of winning new converts to Islam especially in the west including a falsified farewell sermon of the prophet’s and of course false translations of the Quran like Yusuf Ali’s. Please give this reliance upon false hadith as much publicity as possible. Here is an example in the link of a false hadith which I heard Yusuf Islam (Cat Stevens) relying on to praise Muhammad
Does this hadith really exist?
Another issue I would love to see addressed is that of the persecution of the Muslims in Mecca. There doesn’t seem to be much evidence for it yet it has been accepted by both Muslims and non Muslims that there was persecution and even killing of the Muslims. But on being pressed for evidence they cite the killing of an elderly woman Sumaiya who they say was speared in her private part by pagans but the sira and hadith books do not support this claim. This issue should be investigated and exposed because today Muslims are terrorizing the world with claims of persecution by drones which are targeting Muslim children therefore relying on false claims of persecution to justify terror attacks.
Thank you and keep up the good work.
Madras Al Islam aka Mann Elk