Saturday, January 4, 2014



Davy Jones said...

It seems that reza just wings it...Poor guy seems to be afraid of a proper debate with a proper Christian...wonder when would the man grow some real stones..

nacanacazo said...


According to a recent article on nidal hassan:

"Hasan also asked the jail for a copy of the Bible and added, "Please send a knowledgeable person to answer my difficult questions, as well as a paperback copy for my personal use."

I think there is still hope. Who better to answer any difficult questions from hassan than you.

Probably yo can send a letter to

Inmate Nidal Hassan
Fort Leavenworth KS

of course you have to keep all correspondence secret but you better act quick before the execution.

Steve Dowling said...

Mr. Wood --

I am deeply grateful for your tireless work, courage and expertise devoted to getting the truth out on Islam's ultimate goal, and methods to achieve it.

And, of course, for a knife-edged sense of humor... Further shown by this tweet exchange with the middle-school dweeb masquerading as a grown-up -- Reza Aslan.

The astonishing Robert Spencer (your ally in counter jihad) had some hilarious run-ins with that uber-eminent self proclaimed "scholar of religion".

My own theory is that Reza has a binge drinking streak, embarrassing himself most intensely when the sauce is flowing. But, let's face it: anybody as insecure and possessed of such a meager IQ can dig himself into an academic hole without more than a fingerful of effort.

Adamski Bosh said...

Maybe Reza is actually undertaking a fatwa of literary Jihad against the Usa, sort of a suicide mission because his credibility dies, but he may have taken out some infidels nonetheless Allllaakbaar !!

Deleting said...

nacanacazo said, "...of course you have to keep all correspondence secret but you better act quick before the execution."

...twenty five years and fifty or so appeals from now.

There's a better chance the courts change the determination from 'workplace violence' to what it really was, (act of terrorism)before he gets a speedy execution.

nacanacazo said...

use a po box or something safe. after all he is a jihadist with jihadist friends.