Thursday, January 23, 2014

Hossein Shares His Journey from Islam to Christ

Here's a lengthy clip from our interview with our friend Hossein on a recent episode of "Jesus or Muhammad?" Hossein describes his journey from Islam to Christianity.

Here's the entire episode:

Click here to visit Hossein's Youtube page.


Tom ta tum Tom said...

Once again, you guys have reminded me what a treasure all of you are. Once again, you all have reminded me what a treasure I have (we all have) in Christ Jesus.

We are SO SPOILED here in the non-Muslim world: we can be a part of the community of faith in Christ just by a simple choosing. And we're free to deepen in that faith every day.

Hossein and other Muslims (and the Body of Christ in Muslim dominated lands) who have taken GREAT RISK to follow Jesus can truly testify: JESUS IS WORTH EVERYTHING!! And, HE REALLY DOES MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!

THANK YOU, Hossein, for your unforgettable testimony and for your beautiful example.


Yahwehu Akbar! Yahwehu Akbar!
La ilaha illa Yashua!

blessed z said...

Thank God for this touching testimony. The Lord bless you bro Hosein. And praise The Lord for our brothers' continuing effort to proclaim the holy name of our mighty God. God bless you and protect you and continue to use you.

jesustruth said...

How powerful. I was most touched by the fact that God knows our hearts and if we are truly seeking truth....He gives truth and by His Holy Spirit working on our hearts and minds. As I am burdened with a heart to reach those not yet saved it can become a weary road if I forget to trust in the powerful working of the Holy Spirit! Thank you David Wood for your steadfast dedication to being the light to the dark. I praise God for this ministry!!!!

Roses said...

I find it hurtful and offensive that you say you are spoiled in the "West" not true. And its because of this attitude that those of us who suffer violence because of faith are told to think of those worse off. ❗what literally starving 2weeks after false allegation running 15km everyday because the muslim ss worker didnt bring contact money.?people like me who have seriously suffered and had our children beaten up on pretences we are not real christians have our children taken away by those who use foil language and do withchcraft.and our "boyfriends"threatenimg to burn us knowing we were at Biggen hill do not find this remark true.yheres more.brainwashed by cathlolic church broken foot ignored by pastoral care worker bullied at school ny christians etc oh and son thrown downstairs in catjolic school.and yhey tried to stabb him and not one "Christian helped properly or backed me up.they just hogged my keep unity of spirit no east verses west rubbish as they are both as bad as each other. SO FED UP WITH ENDURING THESE SORTS OF REMARKS.