Saturday, December 14, 2013

Reza Aslan's Jihad Jesus

Anyone who reads our earliest sources on the life of Muhammad and compares them with our earliest sources on the life of Jesus can only be shocked by the stark contrast. Jesus loved others so much that he laid down his life for them. Muhammad hated others so much that he slaughtered and subjugated everyone who got in his way. Muslims are embarrassed by this contrast, but what can they do about it?

The goal of Islam's Western defenders is simple: Make Muhammad sound more like Jesus, and Jesus sound more like Muhammad. Hence, Western Muslim apologists water down Muhammad's teachings, assuring their ignorant listeners that Islam is peaceful and tolerant. Then they rip Jesus' teachings out of context in order to make them sound violent.

Should anyone be surprised that Reza Aslan portrays Jesus as a failed jihadist?


Ken said...

very good - David - could you put up the page numbers from your readings from Reza's book ?

with the correspoding minute mark where you quote from Zealot - ?

I got the digital book, but it hard to find things, so now I am waiting for the paper book, so I can find things better.

Lev. 19:33-34 and Deut. 10:17-19 - exactly!! - I was thinking of these verses before you went to them in response to Reza's thesis.

Thank you - all three of you, for doing this. I started reading it, (in August) in digital form, but the liberalism mixed in with the good stuff that he admits - the liberalism makes it a boring book to me - but your analysis has given me motivation to have the book form so I can write up more on this.

I don't like digital books, because it is hard to really find things fast and analyze for apologetic response.

Ken said...

Good use of Ezekiel 47:22-23 in rebuke of what Reza Aslan wrote!

What pages was that from from Zealot that Sam responded to with Ez. 47??

Unknown said...

Reza Aslan had a column about Fox's Megyn Kelly saying that HER Jesus is white, after she said on her show that Jesus was a white man...well....Muhammad, Reza's own prophet, said Jesus was a FAIR SKINNED WHITE MAN in Sahih Muslim;

I was shown in a dream in the night that near the Ka'bah there was a man fair-complexioned, fine amongst the white-complexioned men that you ever saw, his locks of hair were falling on his shoulders. He was a man whose hair were neither too curly nor too straight, and water trickled down from his head. He was placing his bands on the shoulders of two persons and amidst them was making a circuit around the Ka'bah. I said: Who is he? They replied: Al-Masih son of Mary.

So if people are saying that Megyn Kelly is racist for saying about Muhammad,the prophet of Islam, Reza Aslan's prophet?

Sisgp said...