Thursday, November 7, 2013

Syria: Six Bodies of Murdered Christians Found Dumped in Well

If six Muslims had been killed by Christians and dumped in a well, the atrocity would be on every major news network for weeks. But since it's Christians being slaughtered in the name of Allah, politicians and the media just don't care. After all, it would be "Islamophobic" to criticize atrocities carried out by Muslims.

It seems we are required to show how tolerant we are by turning a blind eye to the annihilation of Middle Eastern, Asian, and African Christians. Is it just me, or do we live in the most cowardly generation in history?

AINA—Inhabitants of Sadad, near Homs, who fled the largely Syrian Orthodox town when rebels attacked last month, are now returning home to discover the scale of atrocities in what is being seen as the worst act of anti-Christian persecution since the war in Syria began.

The reports, sent by Church leaders to Catholic charity Aid to the Church in Need, describe how, in this ancient Christian town mentioned in the Bible (Ezekiel), vulnerable people unable to escape -- including the elderly, disabled, women and children -- were subjected to torture, such as strangulation. Church sources say 30 bodies were found in two separate mass graves.

Discovered dead in a well in Sadad were the remains of six members of one family including Matanios El Sheikh, 85, his wife, Habsah, 75, their daughter, Njala, 45, and grandsons Ranim, aged 18, a first-year university student, and his 16-year-old brother Fadi, in class XI at school.

Reports state they were thrown down a well on 26th October along with the boys' paternal grandmother, 90-year-old Mariam. Their funerals, which took place yesterday (Monday Nov. 4), came as a community, whose town dates back to 2000BC, begins to grieve the loss of those being described as "martyrs" by Church leaders.

The atrocities took place during a week-long occupation of Sadad by the Al-Nusra Front and Daash, rebel forces who, according to Church leaders, held 1,500 families as "human shields" in a bid to stop Government troops retaking the village. (Continue Reading.)

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