Sunday, November 3, 2013

Egypt Hates Obama

Just a few years ago, Obama praised Islam in Cairo, to the cheers and thunderous applause of Egyptians. Now, Egyptians hate him. What went wrong?

In any dispute in a Muslim-majority country, the Obama Administration always seems to back the most oppressive Islamists. The Islamists already hate America and Obama, but they will use America and Obama if doing so furthers their interests. However, by backing the Islamists, Obama earns the hatred of people who oppose the Islamists. Hence, when the Islamists ultimately lose, everyone hates Obama. (Note: This pattern is being repeated in Syria. If the rebels win the war, everyone will hate Obama and the U.S. If Assad wins the war, everyone will hate Obama and the U.S.)

FoxNews—With U.S. aid to Egypt being cut in the wake of the military crackdown on the Muslim Brotherhood, word on the street in Egypt, along with tweets and Facebook posts, seems to indicate anti-U.S. sentiments are at an all-time high.

Washington has lost friends on both sides of the Egyptian political battle, including both supporters and critics of ousted Egyptian President Mohammad Morsi.

The anger against the U.S. is based on Egypt’s June 30 uprising that led to the July 3 ouster of Morsi. Supporters of Morsi said Obama turned his back on him while secular Egyptians say Obama sided with ‘terrorists’ instead of aligning with freedom fighters in eradicating extremism from their country.

“We see Obama as a man supporting terrorism here in Egypt by funding and helping Muslim Brotherhood terrorists,” Gina Adel said in an interview with Fox News from Cairo.

“Egyptian people here hate Obama and say let him cut the aid so we can be free from American domination on us.” (Continue Reading.)

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No one wants muhammedan law, not even the muhammedans themselves, funny thing that..