Tuesday, November 19, 2013

At Least 23 Killed by Sunni Suicide Bombers in Beirut

Maybe the U.S. Government will arm and train the Sunni terrorists in Lebanon, after it finishes arming and training the Sunni terrorists in Syria.

Beirut, Lebanon (CNN) — A radical Sunni group has claimed responsibility for bombings that killed nearly two dozen people outside the Iranian Embassy in southern Beirut.

The Abdullah Azzam Brigades said the dual suicide blasts were "carried out by two heroes from the Sunni people of Lebanon." The al Qaeda-linked group is based in southern Lebanon.

"We warn Hezbollah that these attacks will continue until two objectives are met: first, the pullout of all fighters of Iran's party (Hezbollah) from Syria, and secondly, the release of all of our prisoners from the dungeons of tyranny in Lebanon," the group said.

At least 23 people were killed and 146 injured Tuesday in the twin bombings in front of the embassy, the Lebanese Health Ministry said. (Continue Reading.)


akairey said...

I really find it amazing that even though ISLAM is a "peaceful religion," ISLAMISTS continue to kill their OWN people! For what? Oh, I remember, because the "peaceful" muslims aren't following their lying, pedophile, murdering prophet!

WIKI's Page said...

The Debka report says, it is self inflicted to divert the attention and to encourage the Hizbullah fighters. These crazy people can go to any length to advance their agenda.

"A Saudi warning reached Western intelligence agencies, including Israel, on Nov. 14, that Iran and Hizballah were plotting a major terrorist operation in Beirut as a diversionary stunt, debkafile reports exclusively. The tip-off came three days before twin suicide bombings struck the Iranian embassy and the Hizballah stronghold in Beirut Tuesday, Nov. 19, killing 25 people and injuring nearly 150. It was devised, said Saudi intelligence, to convince Hizballah fighters consigned against their will to the Syrian battlefield that they were fighting to defend their own home bases."

Unknown said...