Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Ode to Bin Laden by Samantha Lewthwaite

"White Widow" Lewthwaite
Samantha Louise Lewthwaite, aka the "White Widow," was raised as a Christian. As a teenager, however, she converted to Islam and eventually married Germaine Lindsay, another convert to Islam. After Germaine Lindsay died in the 7/7 Bombings in London, the media rushed to Lewthwaite as she declared that Islam is a religion of peace that had nothing to do with her husband's attack on innocent civilians. Unfortunately, Lewthwaite was lying, but she knew that she could easily manipulate the gullible media. Lewthwaite is now on the run, raising her children to be martyrs for Allah, and writing Islamic poetry. Here is her love poem about Osama bin Laden.

Ode to Bin Laden

Oh sheik osama my father, my brother
My love for you is like no other
Oh Sheik Osama now that you are gone
The muslims must wake up they must be strong
I know that you are in a better place
That Allah has bestowed upon you grace.
Us we are left to continue what you started.
To seek the victory until we are martyred.
To instill terror into kuffar.
Until the world is governed by la illaha illala.
Oh sheik osama no this for true
My heart will not find peace until all muslims do.
Everything you had you gave for Allah
No surrender will take us all far.
Your life an example of how we should be.
Oh Muslims listen to our beloved sheik’s words
Let not his struggle and efforts go unheard
Revive what he started and strive to success
Then maybe we can be raised with the best.
Oh sheik Osama we are jealous of you to be of those who the promise is true
The promise is truth which is binding if only we knew
Verily Allah has purchased the lives of the believers that theirs shall be paradise.
They fight in Allahs cause, so they kill and are killed.
It is a promise binding on Allah in taurat, injill and Qur’an
And who is truer to his covenant than Allah?
As for our enemies our words will be less.
You picked the wrong army to contest.
Al Qaeda are stronger and fiercer than ever.
Thinking in the end you are stupid it will NEVER
Be over until the day that we see our lands returned and governed by He Allah the almighty, whose law is complete.
So make your plans and He is the best of planners.
Their was no victory for you Mr Obama, the honour is his on martyred Osama!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Did you catch her quotation from Surah 9:111? The verse reads:

Qur’an 9:111—Surely Allah has bought of the believers their persons and their property for this, that they shall have the garden; they fight in Allah's way, so they slay and are slain; a promise which is binding on Him in the Taurat and the Injeel and the Quran; and who is more faithful to his covenant than Allah? Rejoice therefore in the pledge which you have made; and that is the mighty achievement.


Nobody but everybody said...

Father and a brother. I cannot comprehend the relationship. It has gone beyond incest.

rowland said...

I was on a muslim/christian dialogue inter-faith forum on FaceBook, we ( I and some other christians) were trying to convince a lady from ireland who recently converted to Islam, that Islam treated women very bad and cruel. There was this Muslim guy trying his best to confuse everyone including himself that Islam was the best thing that happened to women.
The Argument went back and Forth, until it tool dramatic turn.
I showed the Lady a Hadith verse that showed how Women in Islam won't go to paradise and that her Prophet women were "deficit in intelligence".
Her response was that the Hadith (all the Hadiths) were False and man made and corrupt.
She said.
" God gave us the Torah, but men wrote the Talmud to corrupt God's work and lead men astray.
Then God sent the Gospel, but men still corrupted God's work and conjured up the New Testament to corrupt God's work.
So God sent the quran (pure and true), but men were not finished, men invented the Hadith to destroy God's work. Then She asked us not to pay any attention to the Hadiths. That they were all Fabrication and works of shaitan. She was quite adamant and stuck to her gun despite other muslim guys there trying to make her see reason and not condemn or insult the hadith.

It got me thinking, Is it that western ladies have gone bonkers or is it me that I'm reading too much meaning into the whole discussion.

I mean, the mind set of this irish lady was clear. She knew or have heard about the beatings, the misogyny, the women enslavement and all the mistreatment of women in Islam, but she still wants to remain Blind to these facts. Lols.

We are in trouble.

Unknown said...

She wants to be a martyr, for 72 virgin studs?

David Wood said...


If you can find her again, ask her how she became a Muslim. If she says, "By reciting the Shahada," ask her to show you the Shahada in the Qur'an. (It's not there; it comes from the Hadith.)

Next, ask her how many times she prays each day. If she says, "Five," ask her to show you five prayers per day in the Qur'an. (The Qur'an only mentions three prayers; five comes from the Hadith.)

rowland said...

Thanks Brother David I'll do just that.

Anonymous said...

I pray for her soul

parisclaims said...

She makes Norman Bates look normal.

Tom ta tum Tom said...


This "poetry" is absolute proof that Islam has declared WAR on human civilization! David, THANK YOU for showing us the disgusting evidence but I can't bear to look. The writing of this shahid-wanna-be is almost as bad as the un-holy Qur'an!

Does she perform this drivel somewhere at beatnik cafes where the hipsters snap their fingers in "applause"? PLEASE tell me that she's not going on tour in the Western Hemisphere. Someone PLEASE: TAKE AWAY HER BONGOS and her granny-style sunglasses.

Oh, WOE! WRATH of God! The very CURSE of Islam: putrid, graphically degraded "poetry" that not even Maynard G. KREBS would tolerate. JACK KEROUAC: CALL YOUR OFFICE! What? You say she's "Rappin'" this in Riyadh? The woman is "tho'in' DOWN" in Damascus? GIVE ME A SUICIDE VEST!

This truly IS the end! Not even Muslim SLAVES should be subjected to this vileness. David, you tried to warn us but I just never thought it would come to this. The very sands of Saudi will flee in terror!

Now we know why the Muslim Martyrs destroy themselves - trying to escape the violation perpetrated by such sorry "verse" as this. Someone PLEASE plant a virus in her word-processor and take EVERY ONE of her pencils. Contact the UN! This is far worse than Sarin gas. The future of human-kind is at risk.



Walter Sieruk said...

That womans husband died commiting that Islamic terror attack under the Quranic delusion that after becoming a "martyr" he whold go to a paradise with many virgins in it for his use only. The false teachers, imams and mullahs, who mind program others into believing in that false doctrine of Islam in of a lustful place with many virgins are described in the Bible. For the Bible reads "They speak great swelling words of vanity, they allure through the lust of the flesh..." Second Peter 2:18. Furthermore, many a times a jihadist in his death recording talks about "the wedding with the virgins" that he will have after he becoms a "martyr." Such a belief Jesus would denounce as being based on false teachings." For Jesus taught "Ye do err, not knowing the scriptures, nor the power of God. For in the resurection they neither marry, nor are given in marriage,but are as the angles in heaven." Matthew 22:29,30. In contrast to the Islamic pipdream of the jihadist in the story/doctrine of a place with virgins, Christians have the reality of Second Peter 1:16. which reads "For we have not followed cunningly devised fables, when we made known unto you the power and coming of our Lord Jesus Christ..." [KJV]

Deleting said...

Where are they finding these poems since she's on the run with three kids?

I sometimes wonder about this girl and what she'll say at the white throne judgment.

She's got nothing in her defense, she did it all for god who is false (though I kinda subscribe to the doctrine of total depravity and say she didn't need a religion to be so heinous but when it's a command how can you refuse?)
She's murdered, she's leading her three small children into heresy and hell (an even worse sin)she's told lies, she's stolen she's using God's name in vain, she's not honoring her mother and father, sabbath is saturday not friday and she prays towards a black stone every day and as far as coveting she just proved it in this poem..

And she's a coward. If what she was doing was so awesome she'd stop running and say 'yes I did it and I won't be afraid of man's laws'.

Yet in any of our situations we're the same, sinners. It's only God's mercy that redeems us because we're not redeemable on our own.

I would hope God would grant her repentance and faith but it seems like she's seared with a hot iron and you don't come back from that.

Osama Abdallah said...

I could use that poem :))).

Deleting said...

Osama said, "I could use that poem :)))."

Of course you could.