Monday, October 21, 2013

Naida Asiyalova, Russian Suicide Bomber, Was Recent Convert to Islam

Naida Asiyalova converted to Islam and married explosives expert Dmitry Sokolov. Then she did this:

If this had happened in London, Prime Minister David Cameron would be at a press conference right now, reminding the world that such attacks have nothing at all to do with Islam's clear commands to kill unbelievers. If it had happened in New York, President Barrack Obama would be at a press conference right now, reminding the world that such attacks have nothing to do with Islam's clear commands to kill unbelievers. Let's see if President Vladimir Putin has more spine than Western leaders.

Muslim "Revert" Naida Asiyalova
RT—Preliminary data suggests that a female suicide bomber conducted the attack on the bus in Volgograd, central Russia, killing six people and injuring 37, according to the Russian Investigative Committee.

“Today at 2:05pm Moscow time [10:05 GMT] in Volgograd inside a bus, as a result of an unknown explosive device going off, a blast happened, leading to casualties,” a national Anti-terrorist Committee representative said in the statement.

Forty passengers were on the bus. At least eight of them are in critical condition. A 20-month-old toddler is among those injured. His state is assessed as moderately severe.

Russia’s Health Ministry indicated that most of the victims in the explosion sustained mine explosive-type wounds, caused by the bus’s paneling and the shattered glass.

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has instructed the Emergencies Ministry and the Ministry of Health to provide all the necessary help to the victims of the blast. An Emergencies Ministry plane, with medics and five special medical units on board, has arrived in Volgograd to help treat the injured.

A three-day mourning for the victims of the terrorist attack has been declared in Volgograd Oblast.

A young man named Ilya, an eyewitness of the terror act, who was in a different bus on the same route, described the scene of the blast to RT:

“First I saw a lot of pieces of broken glass scattered all over the driveway [road]… There definitely was an explosion in [the bus] as its windows burst outside sending glass to a considerable distance, but with no fire outbreak… There were a lot of police there and also people who had been just driving by and stopped to help the victims, they were bringing med kits with them. There were people from the emergency service at the scene helping the injured, but I saw a woman sitting inside the bus. She was covered with blood and I couldn’t make out whether she was alive or not. She was just sitting there.”

According to Ilya, lots of students use that bus route, as it stops at Volgograd State University, and there were apparently some students at the scene of the blast. The bus also passes the local Cardio Center, he said, adding that some heart patients might have been there too.

A relative of one of the surviving passengers told Echo of Moscow radio the explosion went off in the middle of the bus aisle. There were a lot of youngsters on the bus at the time of the blast, he said.

Witnesses reported that the front part of the vehicle was heavily damaged, and that the nearby cars had their windows broken.

The Investigative Committee has identified the woman who was the suicide bomber behind the blast: it's allegedly Naida Asiyalova, from Dagestan.

The preliminary information indicates that “the female suicide bomber recently converted to Islam, and was the wife of a militant leader,” an Investigative Committee representative told the media. (Continue Reading.)

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Walter Sieruk said...

ASs for female jihadist suicide and homocide bomber she is the result of the wicked and deceptive imams and mullahs with their lies and lines. Such as "We will honor you." and "You will go to pradise." and "We are doing the for Allah." Some "We" the reader might very well notice the these cruel and murderous Islamic clerics are never the one who go out and commit the suicide attacks. All these Islamic clerics do in is mind program other people into the mindset of actually wanting to be a suicide/homocide bombers. Then these Muslim clercs send out these out to commit heinous act of a suidie/homocide bombing. Al at the same time these murders are going on these same Islamic clerics sit home safe. This in itself says a lot about the real character of thoses imams and mullahs.

Walter Sieruk said...

This female jihadist who was a so throughly brainwashed by the imams and mullahs into believing the false doctrine and story of the Quran of a paradise for the Muslim who dies as as "martyr" fighting for the cause of Islam. This is sad and tragic indeed. So sad and tragic not only in the murderous outcome of a belief in such a story /doctrine but that some people actually beleive in such false religious stories. Furthermore, the Bible warn against even listening to let alone beliving in such story/doctrines. For the Bible warns "Neither give heed to fables..." First Timothy 1:4. Moreover, the apostle Peter did the give the good news when he wrote "We have not followed cunningly devised fables, when we made known unto you the power and coming of our Lord Jesus Christ..." Second Peter 1:16. [KJV]

Walter Sieruk said...

That this female jihadist was so thoroughly brainwashed into the believing in the in the
story/doctrine of Islam that a jihadist who dies as a "martyr" fighting for Islam is initself sad and tragic. The Bible warns against listening to and believing is false religious stories. For the Bible warns "Neither give heed to fables..."First Timothy 1:4 Furthermore the apostle Peter had something far better to write about then religious stories when he wrote "We have not followed cunningly devised fables when we made known unto you the power and coming of our Lord Jesus Christ..." [KJV]