Monday, October 28, 2013

A Former Muslim's Open Letter to Dr. Zakir Naik

It can be disheartening to see so much blatant deception among Islam's top apologists. However, I've been saying for several years that by spreading erroneous propaganda in defense of Islam, people like Zakir Naik are setting themselves up for a fall. The more lies Dr. Naik tells in order to convert ignorant people to Islam, the easier it becomes to expose his lies.

Here's an open letter from a former fan of Dr. Naik. He is clearly upset that he once trusted Islam's most popular apologist. We can only hope that more Muslims will take heed.

Assalamu Alaikum,

Zakir Sahab,

This is Sarfraz Ahmed from Kolkata (India). You must not remember me, but I volunteered at Park Circus Maidan (Kolkata) when you visited the city in the year 2006 for a session. I have been in Saudi Arabia for five year and was a staunch Ahle Hadith and quite successfully propagated this sect in our locality. I was a member of Jubail Dawah Centre in Saudi Arabia and used to talk people of Islamic universities in there where research is done on Islamic subjects and literatures. I have been a great fan of yours. Being a Ahle-Hadith, I have a pretty good knowledge of Quran and Hadiths but a year back and I used to argue with people of other faiths and other sects and denomination and used to urge Muslim youth to sacrifice their life for Jihad but when I came back from Saudi, I met my school days’ friend, Abid Ali, who is very learned and writes articles sometimes in FFI and Islam-Watch. He enlightened me about Islam. He shuddered me with questions and criticisms raised against Islam. He showed me a few things about your arguments or justifications, like why pork is prohibited in Islam and beef is allowed as swine practice wife swapping and Kaaba is at the centre of the earth, which is indeed a spheroid. And how you proved that Quran says, the earth is egg-shaped which, previously, I was unable to grasp the fallacy of. Here, is the one.

Translations of (Quran-79:30)
Pickthal: “And after that He spread the earth,”
Yusuf Ali: “And the earth, moreover, hath He extended (to a wide expanse)”
Malik: “After that He spread out the earth,”
Arberry: “and the earth-after that He spread it out,”
Shakir: “And the earth, He expanded it after that.”
Sarwar: “After this, He spread out the earth,”
Hilali/Khan: “And after that He spread the earth,”
Maulana Ali: “And the earth, He cast it after that.”
Free Minds: “And the land after that He spread out.”

Zakir Naik: “And the earth, moreover, Hath He made egg shaped.”
(In the Quran and Modern Science: Compatible or Incompatible? Page-11, Chpater-3-Astronomy)

It is only Islamic bogus-scientist who can find a central point even on a spherical object. How disgusting these people are who believe in such absurdities and fallacies.

Islam is the only religion solely running on the lies and the illegitimate income (Haraam ki Kamai) and Arabs are the only creature on the earth which eat without work and earn without labour, while even plants and trees survive on toil by digging into earth. Obviously they would believe in Allah and Muhammad ardently, both the source of their effortless income. While large mass of Ummah live the life of destitution and hardship all over the globe, spending their little hard-earned money on Hajj and Umrah. Religion is an excellent stuff in keeping mass ignorant and content with poverty and misery while the corrupt enjoy every sort of luxury and lavishness. Abid also showed me that you and people of the your organisation and your volunteers decline the challenge of debate between you and Ali Sina, saying it has to be carried out face to face in the presence of thousands of people. Is this how you defend Islam and is this what your pedophile prophet Muhammad taught you? In fact, this is what your prophet taught Ummah, to silence critics, to kill apostates, to non-believers, to kill Jews and Christians, rather everyone who do not believe in the lies of Muhammad. I read all your books and seen all the video you produced, and Abid showed me how you fooled 1 Billion who were desperate to be nincompoop all over this modern world by writing just few thin books. If there is really a hell, then I guarantee your prophet, you and people like you will be in the intense of it. You are extremely corrupt, immoral and fraudulent man, now I feel nauseated by your name.

Mr. Naik, I challenge you that Ali Sina will definitely come to India and will debate in the presence of thousands of Muslims, rather lakhs of them, provided that you remove that verse from Quran which says, apostates should be killed (Q- 4:89), let’s see who is ‘Mard ka Bacha’ (Macho Man). I guarantee Ali Sina would come to debate face to face with you (He is a Real Man of Honour), you just fulfill the condition. Let’s see who is ‘Mard ka Bacha’!

In all religions, scriptures are interpreted as per the meanings from the relevant dictionaries but in Islam Arabic dictionaries are amended as per the contemporary facts and truth which science and technology reveals. In the universities and research centers like IRF and others this perversion, manipulation and amendments are made with extreme care and complete dishonesty.

I wept holding the black cover of Kaaba, now I am weeping why I wept, ignorantly like a jackass. Now, I realized these things nothing but emotional foolishness, which is the main prop, all religions stand on.

Now, I am out of Islam, and this is my testimony to FFI and IW. I feel grateful that Allah did not guide me to the allegedly ‘Siratul Mustaqeem’.

A proud and fresh ex-Muslim, Sarfaraz

Period. (Source)


Unknown said...

Very brave man indeed. The lies of Zakir Naik are slowly catching up with him. Religion means to bind but Christ comes to set free. This is the message of the gospel.

Jama said...

slowly we are coming out from our hiding place and expose islam thanks for posts

Joseph said...

This is what happens when Islam is looked at honestly...

Anonymous said...

I love posts that expose the scientific errors of the quran and sahih hadith collections, muslims are terrified of that stuff, and it's really hysterical to delve into the fantasy world muhammed wrapped himself up in..

Joseph said...

This is what happens when Islam is looked at honestly... Here's a thread of me trying to get some honesty out of 6 or 7 muslims...

studied case said...

I do believe these people who are hating islam is ignorant and arrogant and the worse people in the earth.i do believe satans with these weird people and lead them in deep darkness.That all.

Unknown said...

Zakir Naik Proves That Allah Is a MOUSE! (Song of Solomon 5:16)

Unknown said...

Mr. Ahmed and his friend Mr. Ali should go change their names first before writing a letter, because with theses names they are still showing their love for Islam and the messengers.

Unknown said...

@ Amjad Ali,

As your pedophile prophet was ignorant and illiterate (Jaahil Sala), that way you (All Muslims) are ignorant and illiterate, because, these names Abid Ali, Ahmed are not the product of Islam, they existed before your pedophile (beti chod) prophet was born. Are you saying Islam, created a language. Is Arabic, Persian or Urdu is the property of your father or of Muhammad's father.
Jihalat (illitaeracy) is in your blood, thus cannot be purified by education.

Unknown said...

I ama muslim. Proud of being so and I d like to tell you that even if Dr Zakir have mistaked this in no way hurts Islam if any priest made some mistakes regarding the religion this cant be attributed to the religion itself and actually ghereno mistake in translating the earth is spread or egg shaped for avery simple reason if it was a square oe a rectangle it will be never extended we reach a point where thereis an edge and then you fall but the only shape which as long as you proceed it extendes in front of you is the circular or oval shape . A final point we as muslims do believe that Judaism and Christianity are two religions revealed from Allah prior to the revelation of Islam and they included signs andIinformation about a forthcoming final religion tell me what is if not Islam and the logical chronological order thatwe all know of the three relgion places Islam as the latest in date

Unknown said...

It simply means, Quran is satanic verses and the randy Mohammed is a prophet of doom.

Unknown said...

Hello everyone, may peace be upon you.

First and foremost, before judging Dr Zakir Naik, I would like to comment on the language of this letter. It's the 21st century and religion still matters. Whether you are a Muslim, Hindu, Christian,Jewish or from another one, each religion is made to teach peace and civilisation among human beings. The basic truth of every prophet or messenger in every religion was noble to his people and taught them to be kind to each other.
They say Muslims are terrorists, but ever thought of the other crimes of people from other religions? Have anyone here look for information apart trusting the media blindly?

My point here is, Dr Zakir Naik is an intelligent man. He doesn't translate the Quran. In fact I'm pretty sure that none of you here has even bothered to read your holy book in its original language.

In judging and negatively criticising him, you people have forgotten that he does not make lectures about punishments and all. He focuses on bringing us to the love of God.

To the atheists here, it's okay if you don't want to believe in a supernatural power.
But to believers, we are all creations of God. In the end, if we love God, God will love us more.

To people who criticise Islam, i ask you which other believers pray 5 times? Which other people make it a must to help the poor? Which other religions sacrifice animals for sharing to the poor and not party with the meat?
True Muslims follow the path of the prophet. And yes, the one you have called paedophile, He was the one who actually cried for everyone. He was the one who wished for the better of mankind despite every closed one to him was taken away. He was the one who inspired billions of people even today.

There are different perspectives of every holy book, but none stated to kill each other. God made us. He loves us. But we are the ones who hate other. Don't blame it on the religion or the ones who tried to preach kindness.

If you cannot wish well for others, i will you find the inner peace and God loves us all.

Enquiry 1 said...

It is pitiful that the ignorant Christians expose themselves & their hateful black hearts through making fools of themselves.
If the idiot who claimed to have written a letter to Dr. Zakir & who copied and pasted wrong Arabic terms such as Ahl Hadith, etc., Thus trying to impress his gullible Western Christians as an ex-Muslim scholar who knows the Islamic faith well, too bad Arabs are awake & can tell a Christian pig like you among a million heifers.
If you prefer to worship a pagan demigod who falls down on his face praying to God Almighty, according to your crosstian bibles, then why are you demonically seeking to discredit Islam?
If you want to worship satan who your new testament says is capable of tempting your demigod, the go ahead & maybe you lot will end up in a hot lake of excrement & semen along with Ben Panthera, according to your beloved Jewish literature, the Talmud

Unknown said...

Good post. Instead of Muslims to argue blindly, they should endeavor to seek the truth

Unknown said...

Wrong cannot make a right. Muslims, seek the truth