Saturday, September 21, 2013

Support Needed for Overseas Trip

Next month, I'll be speaking at a three-day conference in a country that I'm not supposed to name because no one wants the local terrorist population to know that Christians are having a conference. (Although, if I know you well enough, feel free to ask in a private message.) Several speakers will be training Christians how to respond to Muslim arguments and objections. I purchased my plane ticket, which was $1396.90. Since I'm going to be there for almost a week, the costs are going to be significantly higher. Please contribute if you can. (I've got four kids for crying out loud!) Donations are tax-deductible.

***UPDATE*** Thanks everyone! You've contributed more than enough to cover my trip.


Unknown said...

God bless you David and all the members of Act 17 apologetics. You guys are out there in the fore front of defending our faith before all small and big anti-Christ. May the Lord continue to bless you and your family, and provide abundantly for your needs in Jesus' name-Amen.
Let's all rally around David and group so that they can continue to do expose the lies of islam to our dying world.
David, I've just sent you my small contribution. Thank you so much.

Anonymous said...

yes bam bamba...Acts 17 has helped and encouraged me alot as well as Sam's site...lets help and pray for bro David and bro Sam

Unknown said...


I'm in -

Thanks for all your courageous and important work!


Ugas said...

I think David targeting only Muslims, so WHY?

Muslims are the only none christian people who recognize Jesus and love and respect him.

David preach the Atheistic people in order to bring them to GOD.
Atheism is the greatest threat to the west not ISLAM.

Truth Defenders said...

Say nothing about the location, even in private to anyone. If Christians are like anyone else in anything it is in not being able to tame the tongue and keep secrets. All it takes is one blabber mouth.
Trust no one (accept me, hehe).

Unknown said...

Good luck David.
You are an inspiration.
Stay safe, I am sure many want to kill you.

Haecceitas said...

I agree with Truth Defenders, it's better to be at least very selective about the people with whom you share details about the trip. As always, I would hope to see video footage of the event afterwards (this time with special interest because evidently the setting will be different than usual) but I'm not sure if that's possible in this case.

As an aside, you probably know that James White is going to South Africa soon to debate and teach. It seems that quite often his international trips result in many similar future opportunities. Furthermore, White mentioned that there seem to be many 2 vs. 2 debates that are done in South Africa. It would be awesome if next year (or some time later) you could go to South Africa with James and have a 2 on 2 debate with the best Muslim debators that they have. Yusuf Ismail is probably their biggest name and he needs a good intellectual spanking. While he seems to be better informed on some issues than your average Muslim debator is, his major strengths are clearly in rhetoric and speaking skills.

Anthony Rogers said...

David, if I needed to know where you are going, I would just ask Truth Defenders. I am sure he would tell me. haaaa

Anthony Rogers said...


Even if atheism were a greater threat to the West, that wouldn't mean that Islam is not a threat. In fact, to say that atheism is a "greater" threat, you are tacitly affirming that Islam is a threat to the West. With that being the case, it is quite appropriate to target Islam (as well as atheism).

Unknown said...

In my not so informed opinion and speaking from the UK it seems that someone who does not like Islam and is indeed terrified of it will simply call themselves an atheist.
My point being that if you want to disbelieve Islam you must also disbelieve all other religions.

It is very rare that someone has the b@lls to stand up and say Jesus Christ was and is a better role model for society than you know who.

What we don't get enough of and what is really important in this time is people who will stand up and compare the teachings of the prophet of Islam to that of Jesus.
Not only the teachings but also the lifestyle and the acts that were done by both persons and David wood and Co. do this admirably.

The whole of the western legal system is based on Christianity for instance fairplay and truth in testimony and we should be proud of it.

God bless you all for challenging this Islamic ideology, if I did I would lose my job and that's just for starters.

Unknown said...

A note from the UK.

It is only sociably acceptable to criticise Islam if you are an atheist over here.

My point being that many people who disagree with Islam have to declare themselves an atheist to speak out otherwise they are labelled Islamophobic Christian supremacists.

In the UK if you don't like one religion IE Islam you have to declare you don't like Christianity or Judaism equally.

A lot of people really don't like Islam and are moderate Christians but you must denounce your own Christian beliefs before it is acceptable to criticise Islamic ones, this is the pressure society puts on people in UK.

Just my observations and God bless you all for having courage.

simple_truth said...

Great to hear David!

I will be praying for your safe trip to and fro. May God's blessings be upon you.

I hope you have a great time.

Deleting said...

Ugas said 'Muslims are the only none christian people who recognize Jesus and love and respect him.'

No they don't. The character in the Koran isn't Jesus it is Isa Ibn Miriam but even you people don't quote him, you don't speak about him you don't read his words and meditate on them not do you apply his teachings (found only in the bible) to your lives. That IS love.
Jesus is only a factoid you bring up in dawah. You do NOT love him so quit saying you do.

taomeano said...

David you are a man of courage and you are an example to all of us that we should stand up and defend the gospel no matter the cost.

You and other apologists are bringing Islam down not by design but by revealing the lie that it is and bringing the truth of the gospel.

I will be praying for you on your trip that you make it safe back home. God bless you my brother.

Sisgp said...

You are very welcome David, very good luck with your trip:)