Monday, August 26, 2013

Upcoming Debates

For those who are interested, here is a flyer for the debates that are coming up in September. Another debate that is not reflected on the flyer below, Does Islam Teach Pure Monotheism? Shadid Lewis vs. Anthony Rogers, is scheduled to take place on the 8th at 1:30pm. The location for this debate may or may not be the same as the others. I will update this post once I find out for sure.  

***Update 8/27/13***

The first debate on Does Islam Teach Pure Monotheism? is officially scheduled to take place on September 8th at 1:15pm at the following location:

Calvary Chapel Anaheim
270 E. Palais Rd.
Anaheim, CA 92805


PoliticallyIncorrect said...

I'm so glad to see that debating hasn't ceased. Will these debates be video taped and posted online? I hope so, as I won't be able to attend due to location. Thanks Dave

Unknown said...

just my luck was supposed 2 start my vaca on the 8th and drive 2 so cal, was postponed til the 12th! been trying 2 catch a live debate for the past 3 years!

Anthony Rogers said...

The debates will be recorded and, Lord willing, we will have them up the same evening on which they take place or the next day.

Ugas said...

Thanks Anthony Rogers,

I think the debate of Trinity will be very hot debate, because its the foundation of the Christianity, i hope to watch it.

Mr Anthony Rogers please try to put and explain it when you debating with Muslim debater in a simple way that every one can understand, but if you follow the old trick which was 1+1+1+=1 that will be nonsense.

Radical Moderate said...

This is awsome news. Let me be the first to write a review of the debate from the Muslim perspective.

Muslim Review of the debate.

All though the debate has not yet happened and even when it does I'm not going to watch it. In my un biased opinion the Muslim debater said Allah Akbar and gave a much better response and therefore he won the debate.

David Wood said...

Ugas said: "if you follow the old trick which was 1+1+1+=1 that will be nonsense"

Since it's only Muslims who say this about the Trinity, why would any Christian say it?

Anonymous said...

Is it the same Shadid Lewis who debated Robert Spencer on the "Is Islam A Religion Of Peace?" debate? If so, WHY? Isn't there anyone better available?

And why is he debating 4 days in a row? Was he chosen by an islamic organization to defend the muslim point of view or is he an individual who just decided to reply to the call for a debate?

Anyway, although i'm an agnostic, i can't wait to see the debates. He can't be worse than Osama Abdallah.

David Wood said...

EM, there aren't a lot of Muslim debaters to choose from in America.

In my opinion, Shadid is the best Muslim debater in the U.S.

Anonymous said...

In that case, the debates will definitely be worth watching. Can't say i think much of him though. Then again, i've only seen him in a couple of online videos defending some verses in the quran. I'm a layman but i managed to find flaws in his arguments.

But i still think he shouldn't debate 4 days in a row. Tiredness might set in and he might not be at his best in the end.

Chinchilla PetVerse said...


Please post the two debates pending from the four debates you guys had with Osama earlier... I check your site everyday hoping that the same will be posted.

With due respect to you, I have seen Shahid debate Nabeel and also with you. I honestly am shocked that you say that he is the best debater in the US. I still remember his argument that he had given to Nabeel "The Bible says about love, love, love, forgiveness, grace.... where are the rules and the discipline which you find only in the Quran" That was his argument... In another debate, I remember him making another worst asinine comment in the history of debating "The Bible is responsible for slavery and oppression of the blacks since the God of the Bible cursed Cain and the blacks are descendants of Cain"... In more ways than one, Shahid is more of an embarrassment to Islam than even Nadir who makes atleast an attempt to offer some socalled argument.

Another apprehension I have is that Shahid after loosing this long line of debates, Muslims will laud their champion (Shahid) who was brave enough to do 5 debates in 4 days... As you may remember, this is exactly the credit that Osama got after his last marathon 4 debates with you guys... should you be giving this moron such weightage?

In Christ


simple_truth said...

I hope to make the Calvary Chapel Anaheim debate since it is next to Disneyland, according to Google Maps. I'm coming by bus; so, getting to Disneyland is about 40 miles (3 hours busing from my home). The good news is that I only have to take two buses from my home to Disneyland. Then I can simply walk from there.

PoliticallyIncorrect said...

Thanks Anthony...I appreciate it, brother. Debates are such a good method of proving Islam false and Christianity to be true. Keep up the great work!

PoliticallyIncorrect said...

They chose Shadid to be a shahid in the battlefield of debates.
Allahu Akbar!

David Wood said...


Who do you think is better than Shadid in the U.S.? I can't think of anyone.

PoliticallyIncorrect said...

I give ANY Muslim credit for being willing to go up against the likes of David Wood, Anthony Rogers, Sam Shamoun, etc...I almost feel sorry for them...but not quite.

Unknown said...

MUSLIMS! Educate yourself!

When you purview them, you'll realize there is no excuse to not understand Trinity; to deny Trinity.

What in Theology and English (not Bible) we call Trinity, is indeed defined by Bible, as follows: Father Son Spirit Three Persons are Each Co-Equally God, INDEPENDENT, not hydra-headed nor 'manifestations'. When people talk of "one" or "proceed" or "manifest" to justify either NON-Trinity, or weird definitions of Trinity, they betray ignorance of Scripture, for those terms are all bad translations of original Bible meanings. Bible is only inspired in its original languages: "original", meaning the language originally written BY the Spirit-empowered writers of Bible. Period.

To give you an idea of how prevalent Trinity is, the usual OT method of designating Trinity is WORDPLAY in the original languages. That means the Trinity are so well known, nicknames on Abram are used to denote the FATHER; wordplay on children and issue (and even motherhood, in Isa53) are used to denote the Son; wordplay on life and breath are used to designate the Spirit. Because, in the Hebrew, all these ideas tie to SYLLABLES in Their Names. Even the famous YHWH itself, is a concatenation of two famous Hebrew verbs: "to be" (haYAH) and "to become (haWAH). Hebrew is an economical language, so vowels aren't written, but only consonants, because the vowel sounds naturally pronounce given the consonantal juxtaposition. So it was naturally written down, only in consonants, since people didn't need the vowels (vowel points were inserted in the Hebrew OT during the Middle Ages by the Masoretes). So "YHWH" is not a secret, unknown Name and meaning. It is sacred, but not secret (dunno where dingbats got the idea it was secret). So it means "He Who Always Was.. Becomes!" Meaning, God the Son becoming Jesus (=Savior) the Christ(=Messiah=Anointed One, King/Savior). Bible is always clear. So clear, it uses wordplay.

God Bless you brothers David, Anthony, Sam, Joseph in Lord Jesus name. Amen!

Anthony Rogers said...


Osama posted the debate with Eddie Dalcour without editing it. One out of four is not bad. Here is the link:

Anthony Rogers said...


I take that back. Osama did edit his debate with Eddie somewhat. Since I was at the debate when I looked at the video Osama produced I only skipped through it very quickly. Looking at it again I notice he did add some comments here and there. The good news is there is nothing Osama can do in all his editing to make his position look better.

Anthony Rogers said...


If you are able to hang out with us all day on Sunday and come to the other debate in the evening with us, then I will be happy to drive you home afterwards.

simple_truth said...

Anthony Rogers said...


If you are able to hang out with us all day on Sunday and come to the other debate in the evening with us, then I will be happy to drive you home afterwards."

Hi, Anthony.

Thanks for the offer. If you are traveling in the same general direction as I live, then I wouldn't feel so bad about taking you up on that offer. If you are not, all I need is to get to Disneyland to catch the bus back to LA and I'll be fine.

I would definitely like to attend the 2nd debate and hang out for the day. That was my hope all along.

Thank you very much for your consideration. I will contact you via E-mail with any further information.

Haecceitas said...

"Who do you think is better than Shadid in the U.S.? I can't think of anyone."

I don't know whether Ali Ataie is in the US nowadays (or whether he's even interested in debating now) but if he is, I think he'd fit the title much better than Shadid Lewis.

Unknown said...

Anthony Rogers thanks for seeking the truth.

Always i watch Christian-Muslim Debates.

Do we need Jews-Muslim debates or Jews-Christian debates??.

Jews don't believe Trinity and they disagree with Christians in many things, such as the divinity of Jesus ,his Messiah and his prophet.
and they agree with Muslims in points such as Polygamy, crime punishments and Halal Meats.

i watched one debate between Jews and Christians it was very interesting debate you can see through the below link‎

Although Jews don't recognize both Christianity and Islam as a religions, its better to debate with them.

the Jews Book of Thalmoud says that all gentiles (all none Jews) are created to serve Jews", I think that is the biggest lie and the biggest discrimination beliefs that i ever seen.

Mr Anthony Rogers and David wood please try to debate with Jews to convince them to belief Jesus as Messiah.

Chinchilla PetVerse said...


I sincerely appreciate the work you and the team (AM, AI) do and I admire the work you do. But, on a comparative basis, Shabir is a much better debater than Shadid... or even Sami, Bassam, Andalusi are much much better than Shadid since you have debated all of them you would know what I am talking about.

Shadid is more at the asinine level of Zakir Naik, etc. I am not being dramatic but when I saw the debate flyer posted by Anthony, I was seriously surprised that someone of your caliber and Anthony's caliber would even agree to debate this juvenile moron who has done a certificate course in Apologetics (Last i heard) and has nothing more than theatrics to his credit... I remember in one of his debates he held up a Bible, waving it around, and said "Here in the footnote, it says that the verse (1 John 5:7) has been removed... this proves that the Bible is false and corrupt... I am going to travel everywhere and show this Bible to everyone"... that is the level of his intellect.

Anyway brother, that was just a thought from my side since I hold you and Anthony in very high esteem...

Be Blessed in all you do.

In Christ



Anthony Rogers and Eddie will crush Lewis... it will be an ugly site for Muslims... Unlike Muhammad this so called prophecy mines will be fulfilled.

Rogers opening statements and rebuttals are always solid, Lewis will be blown out of the water simply by Roger's opening statements and his rebuttals would make him wish he were dead.

Eddie is clearly a sharp mind hands down, Eddie has one of the best cross examinations I have ever witnessed apart from Sam Shamoun. Lewis will fold when Eddie cross exam him


I noticed in my previous comments I made a mistake I assumed it was Eddie Dalcour that would be debating Lewis but it is actually Edwards.

David Wood said...


Shabir is in Canada. Bassam is in Saudi Arabia. Sami and Andalusi are in the UK. I'm talking about U.S. debaters. Haecceitas points out Ali Ataei, but I haven't heard anything from Ali for years.

David Wood said...

Simple Truth,

You should stay longer. Daniel Scot had some kind of visa problem, so he can't make it in time for his debate. I'll be filling in for him.

simple_truth said...

David Wood said...

"Simple Truth,

You should stay longer. Daniel Scot had some kind of visa problem, so he can't make it in time for his debate. I'll be filling in for him."

Hi, David.

I will stay later now that Anthony has offered to ensure I can get back home. I was only concerned that if the second debate was at a different location, it may have been too far away to rely upon public transit. If both debates are being held in the same place, then, there is no problem for me.

For the last 2 years that you have been out this way, I was unable to attend any of your debates, but this time I will finally get a chance to meet you and see a live debate if my plan works out. Great!!!!

Looking forward to attending!!

Unknown said...

i would like to suggest that act17 apologetics invite reza aslan for a debate about the historicity of jesus. that bad boy really needs some spanking.

John 8:24 said...

Ugas said: "Mr Anthony Rogers please try to put and explain it when you debating with Muslim debater in a simple way that every one can understand, but if you follow the old trick which was 1+1+1+=1 that will be nonsense."

Ugas, I sometimes don't understand why some Muslims do not graduate from learning to use addition to multiplication. How about the "new trick" 1x1x1=1? Is that simple enough for you to understand?


God the father,from Eternity+Word of God,with the God from Eternity+Spirit of God,from Eternity=Eternal one God.

Herakleios said...


Although i find it very silly ...
to stay with math, how about this one:


As Christians and Muslims agree, that God has no limit, God would have to be defined with "unlimited" ∞ and
∞+∞+∞ still is ∞ ;)
And you even can do it with multiplication and even division will not give you the result you think of. All because ∞ is not a number (with limits), but a definition of something that we cannot even imagine.

So far with the silly stuff .. but maybe it will help you to stop with the 1+1+1=1 thing.

sla said...

Hi Anthony

You are debating on the topic 'does Islam teach pure monotheism' ,then u r debating on 'is the Trinity polytheism'.

Thats a paradox , in the 1st debate u will probably bring in the veneration which Muslims give to Mohammed and show it as something deifying monotheism .Then u will debate that believing in 3 divine persons is not polytheism ! and infact monotheism !

LOL , Did u catch the paradox.

sla said...

'Theism ' , as defined by Oxford dictionary is ..." The believe in existence of God or Gods "

Orthodox Christianity says ..Father , Son and Spirit are each God .Now if we apply the definition in the Oxford dictionary what we have is 3 Gods not 1 and that is polytheism .

Ugas said...

John 8:24 said

....How about the "new trick" 1x1x1=1? Is that simple enough for you to understand?

i don't need to to understand God in a mathematical way, my existence already proving that there is only one God.
but the word Trinity descended from the word three, that means God is three persons, and you and I believe that God is One Person.
in my Human understand person means any one who has his independence personality.
so can we apply that formula in God, believing that three are persons in Godhead and yet he is one person?.

we are exchanging our ideas to understand God.

Anthony Rogers said...


Why would you think I am going to argue that Islam deifies Muhammad? Is there something about what Muslims believe and do towards Muhammad that leads you to say that?

sebsite said...

Infinity + Infinity + Infinity = Infinity
Infinity - Infinity - Infinity = Infinity
Infinity X Infinity X Infinity = Infinity
Infinity / Infinity / infinity = Infinity
What about it?

John 8:24 said...

Ugas, almost every sentence of your four sentence response has a mistake! With such a wrong understanding it is no wonder that you are not able to get your head around the concept of Trinity.

Ugas said: my existence already proving that there is only one God.

No, our existence actually proves that there is one-triune God. You need to think about it.

Ugas said: and you and I believe that God is One Person.

No, only you believe that God is one Person. We believe that God is one Being and not one Person.

Ugas said: ...believing that three are persons in Godhead and yet he is one person?

Again, God is not one person but one Being.

FYI, the word "Trinity" comes from the Latin noun "trinitas" meaning "three are one." The Trinity expresses the belief that God is one Being made up of three distinct Persons who exist in co-equal essence and co-eternal communion as the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Ugas, btw I am interested to know if according to you God is finite or infinite?

Deleting said...

@Ugas you confuse 'being' with 'person'.
A 'being' is WHAT something is and a person is 'who' someone is. They can not be flip-flopped as you seem to think they can be.

We are not saying there are three beings in one being nor 3 persons in one person.

All persons are clearly distinguished from one another from Genesis on to revelation.

There is a strong possibility you truly are confused but hopefully this straightens it out.

The definition of the trinity is this:

The BEING (what) YHWH is is made up of THREE persons; the father, the son and the holy spirit.

The BEING of ALLAH is ONE person who has a physical body and can not be in all places at one time. YHWH can.

One YHWH (BEING) in three persons.

Allah's being (WHAT) is made up of one person.

Anonymous said...


As we read throughout the Scriptures, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit are like a family, and the Family as a whole is called God, as per Genesis 1:26-27...

And God said, “Let US make man in OUR image according to OUR likeness...” So God created man in his own image; in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them.

...and Genesis 3:22

Then the Lord God said, “Behold, the man has become like one of US, to know good and evil.”

The Son is called the ‘Son’ throughout the Bible for the simple reason pointed out in Luke 1:35

And the angel answered and said to her [Mary], “The Holy Spirit will come upon you, and the power of the Highest will overshadow you; THEREFORE, ALSO, that Holy One who is to be born WILL BE CALLED the Son of God.”

The Holy One, Christ, is spoken of throughout Scripture and can be found in 2Kings 19:22; Job 6:10; Psalm 71:22, 78:41; Isaiah 1:4 (about 30 times throughout Isaiah); Jeremiah 50:29, 51:5; Ezekiel 39:7; Hosea 11:9; Habakkuk 1:12, 3:3; Mark 1:24; Luke 4:34 and 1John 2:20.

Dk said...

Rogers said: "Is there something about what Muslims believe and do towards Muhammad that leads you to say that?"

noooo wayyyyyyyyyyy hoseyyyyyy? :P

Honestly I am fascinated by the topic of Islam and Monotheism, but the deification of Mohammed is the LEAST interesting part to ME, not saying it's not useful or interesting, just saying like Anthony says "WE HAVE AN EMBARRASSMENT OF RICHES" to work with on this topic.

The Mohammed violations while being valid, are just not as the interesting, but maybe still worthy of glimpsing over.

Perhaps the only interesting information about Mohammed being elevated to deity is whether he qualifies as a substitute for Christ in the Islamic religion. To which I would argue TO SOME DEGREE, of course.

Not only was the universe and all of creation made for Mohammed, he pre-existed all creation, and all creation was made for him, and he is superior to all the prophets, in fact Mohammed is enthroned on the right hand of Allah, and on the throne of Allah , Allah has conjoint Mohammed with his name in the Shahada inscribed on his throne, while being the only entity to actually encompass Allah because Mohammed is the very light of Allah!

It does get worse. But even still, Mohammed's role in the violation of Tawheed is minute compared to the significant overall thesis.