Thursday, August 8, 2013

Ramadan 2013 Death Toll

Politicians and the media assure us that all religions are equal. In an effort to test this claim, tallied the number of people killed and wounded in the name of religion throughout the month of Ramadan. Here are the totals for Ramadan 2013.

Are we learning yet?


Serapio said...

Well, since the Ukrainian meanwhile has been released and is working together with the police as a witness, we can set a blank zero there.

Anonymous said...


Wolf arabs said...

Darn unreasonable we are now in 2014 and there are stupid to believe these tricks Jewish portray Islam as a religion of extremism and murder, thank God for the blessing of the mind and I thank the Lord because I am a Muslim .. Note: The Jews distort Addourh Islam through these are sites that pretend to be Islamic namely the fact that it Jewish sites

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