Saturday, July 13, 2013

"The Caliphate Is Coming"

Here is a lovely message from Professor Mohammed Malkawi, Founder of Hizb Al-Tahrir in Chicago. Of course, if I were to say that Muslims believe any of this, I would be called a racist, Islamophobic, hate-mongering bigot. So I'll let Professor Malkawi say it for me.


Radical Moderate said...

The Question I have for Muslims when they say the Caliphate is coming is which Caliphate.

The Rashidun Caliphate
Where the first Caliph fought a bloody war against all of Arabia who apostatized ending with the battle of Yo Ma Ma.
Where three of the four Caliphs were murdered.
Where the third Caliph was considered an apostate and his body left to rot for three days after he was killed, only later to be buried in a Jewish cemetery.

Where the fourth Caliph fought the first civil war against Aisha and her supporters. Killing thousands of Muslims. He then turned his army on another "companion" and secretary of Mohamed, Muawiyah I.

Fighting a battle in which Ali's army mutinied, snatching away victory and forcing Ali to seek peace. These same mutinous Muslims then turned on Ali and became known as the Kharijites. Who went out killing any Muslim who disagreed with their interpretation of Islam, even Killing Ali himself.

The Umayyad Caliphate that murdered the two grandsons of their un holy prophet. That saw the second and third civil war.

The Abbasid Caliphate that ceased power from the Umayyad after a bloody up rising and rebellion.

The Fatimah Caliphate that was a Shia Calaphite that wrestled away power in successive wars against Abbisids.

There are many many more where these "Caliphates" all of them fought against each other, ceasing power from one, and then loosing it to another.

So my question to Muslims is which bloody Caliphate do you want?

Radical Moderate said...

Come to think of it, since all of the Caliphates have been established and maintained through Muslims shedding Muslim blood. Then once could say we are seeing the Caliphate, since Muslims are killing Muslims in Syria, In Iraq, in Afghanistan, in Egypt, Libya, Pakistan, etc...

ignatius said...

It's sad to see his blindness, ranting against the evil west, amplifying his voice with an instrument that was developed in the west.

Tom ta tum Tom said...

Is it the style? Is it the content? Is it the hatred? Or is it some form of hydrophobia?

Whenever I hear a Muslim ranting, every time it sounds more and more like the same poison spewed by Hitler and his minions (with apologies to all of Gru's little minions, everywhere).

I just wanna dose 'em with a freeze ray and stuff a BBQ-flavored banana-ban-na-na-na in their mouth.


parisclaims said...

"we reject the rule of satan"
Thicko, that's exactly what you're campaigning for.

Babs said...

David, thanks for this and for all your work. I am struck by your first sentence: surely if all of us, in our thousands name the dangers of Islam and insist that our governments act to prevent them, then regardless of whether or not people think we are racist (and Islam is a cult, not a race) we cannot all be arrested or whatever one does with "racists" in the US and UK?

The penny dropped some time ago for me here in the UK, that I cannot rely on my police (for whom, in every other circumstance, I have the very greatest of respect) to protect me against Islamist excesses. Their hands are tied by successive useless and self-interested governments. The buzz phrase, so well-worn, of needing to maintain social cohesion has itself been turned on its head by the mere threat of rage from Muslims in the UK. Thus, rather than pit themselves against the very people whose exaggerated sense of entitlement, belligerence and threats of riot actually undermine social cohesion here in the UK, government, and therefore the police, choose the soft option and target us, who complain loudly but present no physical threat and don't riot in response to violence, and who don't behead people in broad daylight in the street. We are stifled so as to keep Muslims sweet and not to "incite" them into riots by our justifiable complaints.

We are, in short, in a mess and unfortunately so is the US.

Unknown said...

This muslim lunatic is sick with rage and hate therefore can not think intelligently. One sentence though, he got perfectly right: "their (Christian) religion is nothing even close to islam" - absolutely! Because Christianity is about LOVE. And islam is about hate, killings, destruction, cruelty, rape, lies, savage and whatever else Satan is...

Deleting said...

talk about revisionists history...then again this religion requires everything be stamped with islamic copyright if it proves beneficial (even if it wasn't a muslim who invented it) and destroy everything that's not 'halal' like buddist statues in afghanistan.

Anonymous said...

We destroyed the last caliphate

We'll destroy the next caliphate, if it where to ever be established

Muslims will learn to take their place beneath our feet

allah and his demons tremble at the sound of an F-16

Unknown said...

Whose we?... The Last Caliphate was ended through constitutional law by Kamal Ataturk.

When exactly did you distroy the last Caliphate? And muslims include countries such as Indonesia and Turkey. Their economies and military power is rising very fast. How would you put them under your feet?