Thursday, July 18, 2013

Rolling Stone Magazine's "Sympathizing with Terrorists" Series

Rolling Stone Magazine recently decided to bestow rock-star status on Boston Marathon Bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.

The message to every attention-seeking teenager is this: If you want to be famous, just blow someone up, and you'll be on the cover of Rolling Stone!

In case Rolling Stone wants to continue its "Sympathizing with Terrorists" series, Pamela Geller and BigFurHat have already put together the next cover of Rolling Stone, featuring London Jihadist Michael Adebelajo, who massacred Lee Rigby.

Not to be outdone, The Blaze TV added another Rolling Stone cover, featuring 9-11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed.

What's next? A collage of "Asian" gang-rapists convicted in Great Britain?


Anonymous said...

Notice that it wasn't his fault- he was "failed by his family."

Then he "fell" into "radical Islam," which is a code-word for "consistent Islam."

What nonsense.

Deleting said...

And all God's people said, 'ughhhh'

Tom ta tum Tom said...

Sympathy for who?

"Please allow meee to introduce myself;"
"I'm a man of stealth and hate..."
"Been around for a long, long year,"
"Ruined millions of lives, just today..."

"Pleeezed to meeeet you... hope you guessed my name..." (woooht hooooo)

And the guys on the RS Covers all look so strangely familiar...

But maybe I'm just an Islamophobe...


hugh watt said...

#1 Jim Morrison?

#2 Can't quite figure.

#3 Gotta be ZZ Top.

Tom ta tum Tom said...

hugh watt said:

"#1 Jim Morrison?"
"#2 Can't quite figure."
"#3 Gotta be ZZ Top."

WAIT! WAIT! (Can I play even if the puzzle started [sorta] w/me?)
#1 Bill Clinton?
#2 Imam Rawf (roof! roof!)?
#3 Whoopee Tayyip Erdogan (and the Anti-Christ Band)?
Can I get points just for guessing?


Unknown said...

Typical mainstream media that's is why I am not surprised.

hugh watt said...

See what happens when this Salafi comes up against a secularist. He starts out like he's real tough but soon shrinks when he finds he can't bully his opponent into submission.

goethechosemercy said...

I don't suppose the article makes any mention of Beslan.
When I think of Boston, I'll think of Beslan too.
Two fruits of the poisonous tree of ISLAM.
I have not forgotten.