Sunday, July 14, 2013

Ramadan Bombathon: Week One

Terrorist attacks increase dramatically during Ramadan. The Religion of Peace Website has been comparing terrorist attacks committed in the name of Allah with terrorist attacks committed in the name of all other religions combined (as well as attacks committed by Islamophobes). The results will only be surprising if you're convinced that there's no difference between Islam and other ideologies. Here are the stats for the first week of Ramadan:


Anonymous said...

Those Islamophobes and other religions aren't even trying.

football5680 said...

I was expecting the number to be lower during Ramadan. I guess thinking about Muhammad makes them want to follow in his terroristic footsteps.

Lucid129 said...

These numbers are to small in Syria alone it's in the 200s. Ramadan is like a killing spree month since they think if someone dies in that month that's muslim would go to heaven. Since Christmas is about life and salvation Ramadan is all about death and damnation.

Edward Spalton said...

"Bombathon" - I like the term.

The French Muslims (always reported simply as "youths" in the British media)
have another type of celebration.
the "carbecue"

Mind you, if I had no fluids or food from around 4.00 a.m. when it starts to get light here to around 10 pm when it gets dark, I would be distinctly bad tempered too.

Come to think of it, what do Muslims do in the Polar regions where it never gets dark?