Thursday, July 4, 2013

Pat Condell: Our Crippling Fear of the Truth

"Our Crippling Fear of the Truth" is the latest video from Pat Condell. He discusses the English Defense League, hate-groups Unite Against Fascism and HopeNotHate, and the banning of Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller.


Anonymous said...

*starts slow clap*

And this is why i love Pat Condell. He calls it as he sees it and, although he's not held back by political correctness, he's not offensive (well, the truth sometimes offends, but i'd take an ugly truth over a pretty lie any day of the week).

Anonymous said...

What does MDI think about the banning of Spencer-Geller?

They call themselves Muslim Debate Initiative so one way to spark more debate which they claim to desire to initiate, is by opposing this ban. That'd be a genuine feather in their cap.

OK I checked their website and they seem to support the ban. THey close the quoted announcement by concluding IN THEIR OWN TEXT the following: "It was therefore in the best interest of the British government to prohibit such individuals from entering the UK to preserve the sanctity and social fabric of British society."
(The story is prominently linked on the homepage)

Ah well, so much for wanting to initiate debate! They really need to get their Muslim brothers and sisters under control. The whole debate initiative idea might become a thing of the past otherwise.

Joe Bradley said...

Pat Condell for President!

If we can elect a Kenyan we can elect a Brit! To do less would be racist!

TAREK said...

nice one Pat. But as you said it yourself the truth is enemy to mankind today. That means we must get ready for a dark future.

Radical Moderate said...

Anyone have the radio interview with Robert Spencer where the Imam said to Spencer he had the advantage?

Radical Moderate said...

Never mind I found it.

It happens around 5 min into the video.

Unknown said...

Islam has good and bad.

Muslims become scholars when it comes to the good parts and students when it comes to the bad parts.

They deal with criticism in the same way.

Then use "truth" as a banner for their fatiguing and peace-disrupting deceit.

Islam and Muslims generally are afraid of the truth. They have to lie, deceive, misrepresent, act as disinformation agents etc in order to protect the lie of their faith and their enshrined prejudices, passed on my their texts, their forefathers, parents and imams and islamic speakers. I knew one Muslim, an Algerian who had mutual respect for non-muslim rights. He was the only one I have ever met who stood up for injustice.