Monday, June 24, 2013

Sunni Mob Murders Four Shias in Egypt

The U.S. government helped the Muslim Brotherhood take over Egypt. Now our government is helping Al Qaeda take over Syria. The only positive side to the carnage that's coming is that the world will finally see the effects of Islam on previously secular governments.

BBC—Four Egyptian Shia Muslims have been killed in a mob attack in a village near the capital Cairo, officials say.

The attack on Sunday targeted a house where a group of Shia worshippers had gathered for a religious ceremony.

The attackers accused those gathered of trying to spread Shia beliefs, reports say.

Shia Muslims are a small minority in predominantly Sunni Muslim Egypt, but anti-Shia rhetoric has increased recently due to the conflict in Syria.

Eyewitnesses told the BBC that an anti-Shia crowd numbering at least several hundred formed around the house.

The mob then reportedly demanded the Shia leave the house before storming it and trying to set it alight.

Images from the incident show the victims being dragged through the streets.

One of those killed was a local Shia leader, Hassan Shehata, officials say.

Eight others were injured in the attack, according to security sources.

A health ministry spokesman told Egypt's Mena news agency that the bodies "showed numerous puncture wounds and severe bruising".

One eyewitness, Hazem Barakat, told the Ahram newspaper that police stood by and did nothing to stop the attack. (Continue Reading.)


mik said...

ISLAMIC militants disguised as policemen killed 10 foreign climbers and a Pakistani guide in a brazen overnight raid against their campsite at the base of one of the world's tallest mountains in northern Pakistan, officials said.

Murtadd said...

Genesis 16:11-12

King James Version (KJV)

11 And the angel of the LORD
said unto her, Behold, thou
art with child and shalt bear
a son, and shalt call his name
Ishmael; because the LORD
hath heard thy affliction.
12 And he will be a wild man;
his hand will be against every
man, and every man's hand
against him; and he shall
dwell in the presence of all
his brethren.

The true God of the Bible has spoken.

Unknown said...

David, I am so baffled that this womwn called irshad Manji can blatantly lie that the problem is not islam but muslims. I think the reverse is the truth. I know you guys can deal with these assertions and enlighten the world about the root cause of the problem. Everywhere islam goes, oppression, intimidation, violence follow.
Here is the link to the interview-