Saturday, June 29, 2013

Police Arrest EDL Leaders Tommy Robinson and Kevin Carroll . . . for Being Assaulted on a Charity Walk

Tommy Robinson and Kevin Carroll hosted a charity walk for a young cancer victim. Police warned them to avoid areas with mosques. When an EDL-opponent attacked them, police arrested Tommy and Kevin. Fortunately, cameras were rolling.

Notice that people feel quite comfortable assaulting EDL members in the presence of police, knowing that police will target the EDL when trouble arises.

Be advised: If you oppose Sharia, you are no longer safe walking the streets of London, even to raise funds for a dying girl. (Of course, American critics of Sharia don't have to worry about walking the streets of London, since the British government has started banning us.)

On a side note, I know exactly how it feels to be thrown in jail by police officers desperate to please Islamists:


Anthony Rogers said...


Anonymous said...

I know this is off-topic but maybe Dave or someone else here could help clear this up for me regarding the book of exodus

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another writing of this

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And in addition, there is one more question I had

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Anyway, God Bless everyone and sorry it's so off topic :/

Unknown said...

I get it: conditions are so bad that westerners have to fear the police MORE than the evil Muslims (& Nazis)

Unknown said...

bm200032: two men have been arrested standing for freedom & you are so crass as to bring up an "off topic?"

rather insensitive i say.

Richard said...

The police in the UK no longer enforce English law. The right of free men to walk the public streets of their country, the right not to get assaulted while doing so.

They are assaulted under the very noses of the police by Muslim thugs, the police do nothing to the thugs but arrest the people being threatened and assaulted.

Tommy Robinson is right. They are enforcing Sharia Law - putting down anything that is offensive to Muslims - which basically is anything non-Muslim.

And this is the nation that brought us the Magna Carta, fought the Spanish Armada, Napoleon and Hitler alone.

Shame on you "Great" Britain!

Still there are people like Tommy Robinson and Kevin Carroll who are willing to resist this craven capitulation to intimidation and jackboots of Islamic supremacism.

Hazakim1 said...

The stupidity of our Western officials is so incredible it's almost supernatural. I firmly believe God has given the West over to a kind of drunkenness. There's no other way to explain the slow creep of Islam upon such a formerly mighty giant, who is afraid to move in self preservation.

John said...

This will not end here, these are the same "police" (they are not police they are @#@#!!!!) stood by as a hundred football fans suffocated to death (no they didn't stand by, they prevented them from climbing the barriers to escape the crush). Words cannot express my disgust at the scum walking our streets that go by the name of "Police". And, hey pal I'm law abiding - no record, clean sheet. Police in this country have zero respect from the majority (yes, majority) of law abiding citizens because of what has come to light over the last few years. When that happens to a country it is in deep doodoo.

Radical Moderate said...

Amazing that is insane completely insane

Unknown said...

This cant be happening! Please tell me its not true. This is a bad dream. It is over indeed for the UK. How are the mighty falling...

itemabu said...

"Be advised: If you oppose Sharia, you are no longer safe walking the streets of London, even to raise funds for a dying girl."

You are not in London, you are in muslim area. London does not exist any more.

Unknown said...

The god of hate, plunder, and sexual crime (satan) and satan's kingdom (Islam) is taking over the streets of London.

akairey said...

Britain: Born 43 AD, Died 2013

Baron Eddie said...

"O London, London, how often I have longed to gather your children together, as a hen gathers her chicks under her wings, and you were not willing."

I came to to the West thinking that this is where freedom resides!

I surely were wrong and now I am thinking that maybe I should

have been chopped by the sword of Islam than to see and hear

the vain philosophy of British government that will lead to self destruction ...

At the End God is in control

Murtadd said...

Islam is like a worm in an apple. It will eat its host from the inside out until nothing remains.

Publius said...

To be perfectly fair, having family members which are in law enforcement, I can understand why Tommy Robinson was arrested. After a crime occurs Police need to do their due diligence and question witnesses and the parties involved. Robinson did not allow the officer to get a word in edgewise and was trying to leave. Hence the obstruction of justice.

Islam is perhaps the greatest threat to humanity the world has ever known, however I don't believe we can blame this one on Sharia.

Faith in jesus said...

This is an absolute disgrace. I am yet again ashamed of our once great nation. These men did not provoke anyone. Regardless of who they are they have the right to walk the streets of London for any event. Unless they brake the law. Which they clearly did not.

Joe Bradley said...


You are correct regarding the stupidity of Western officials however these Western governments exist with the consent of the governed and silence is consent. If the majority of the Brits disagree to the way in which Tommy Robinson and Kevin Carroll were mistreated they have a duty to stand up and be vocal in their opposition to this injustice. Failure to do this makes the British people complicit in this action.

As for God turning Western civilization over to this kind of "drunkenness", the West demanded, and continues to demand, this transfer of power from God to Satan with every act of legislation that removes God from our institutions while embracing Satanic abominations.

While religious scholars debate that the basic nature of man exists somewhere in a bell curve between good and evil, empirical evidence indicates that mankind is, unquestionably, self-destructive. Nowhere is this more apparent than in England.

The West should be careful what they wish for.

Joe Bradley said...


While I agree that the Police have a duty to investigate a crime in part through the interview of witnesses, they also have a duty to detain/interrogate/arrest assailants who criminally assault their victims. Among the witnesses to the assault on Tommy Robinson were Police Officers who, in performing their due diligence, had the duty to apprehend the assailant. Apparently they chose NOT to apprehend the assailant but to harass and arrest the victim of the assault for pointing out the obvious, that the assailant was getting away. The Police knew that this was true because they had witnessed the assault, all of which was caught on camera.

While the USA has the IRS to harass dissenters of certain political philosophies, the Brits have the Bobbies.

John said...

Hey Joe, if you're referring to me, I did do something after I saw the Tommy Robinson tube. I donated to a charity that combats under aged marriage of girls (as young as 8) and will continue to contribute through charitable donations via my company.

The English do leave things to the last minute, there was a brilliant story read to me when I was a young kid at school, I wish I could remember what it was called, and I would have remembered it if I didn't have the memory of a goldfish, the jist of it was (i think it was an allegory of the Battle of Britain): there was a bunch of total incompetents who couldn't organise the proverbial in a brewery but when forced into a choice of sacrificing everything for a just cause or capitulating, in the end they did the right thing. To be honest, I can't remember hardly anything of the story other than the moral of it (they may have been dark skies mentioned in it). You probably could never guess it but most Englishwomen and men do understand and appreciate their freedoms and would gladly fight and die to preserve them for the sake of their daughters / sons and granddaughters/ sons.

Peter Nunn said...

This incident is a complet hoax, we clearly see in the video man in the blue shirt attacking Kev Caroll, yet he was walking and chatting with Caroll earlier.

It was a poorly made propaganda hoax and has now been exposed for what is is.

See my video: EDL HOAX ATTACK for my full reasoning.

I think it is very low what has happened, hoaxing an attack like this, it does not do the Woolwich incident any justice.

Joe Bradley said...

Peter Nunn,

I watched the video several times and I did see the assailant say a few words to Robinson, but I did NOT see him attempt to strike up a conversation with Carroll. He was walking abreast of Robinson but he was, clearly, several steps ahead of Carroll and he would have had to turn around to talk to Carroll which I never saw. In fact, the assailant had to turn around to punch Carroll.

But for the sake of argument. let's scrutinize your unfounded assertion of a hoax and EDL setup of the Police just a little closer. Quite simply put, if the Police did what they should have done and arrested the apparent assailant, there would have been no propaganda value to this video and we would not be having this discussion. The fact is that, by allowing the assailant to go free, the Police have declared an "Open Season" on the EDL and the objectionable speech of which they do not approve. If it WAS a hoax to benefit the EDL's propaganda machine, the EDL would have to know that the assailant would NOT be arrested for it to work. Would this mean that the Police were in on this hoax too?

No, too many people would have to be involved (along with the Police) for this to be a hoax. If the assailant was being arrested off-camera while Robinson asserted that he was not, I would think the Police would have informed Robinson of that fact on-camera which I never saw.

The message of the Police is clear, "Punch an EDL member and we will arrest the member for being assaulted - NOT the assailant for committing the crime of assault and battery." What a sweet deal for anyone opposing what the EDL has to say.

Dk said...

Many members of the EDL are obviously racist, violent and engage in rubbish behavior. Something I'm sure Tommy himself does condemn.

It's good they have someone like Tommy at the head, who is very clear about his intent, and does a great job, and certainly stands his ground. So far from what I've seen from Tommy I really respect and admire the lad.

taomeano said...

I just can't believe what I have just seen on this video. The british government has effectively declared that London is now under Sharia law. They may not voice it out but they are acting it out. Shame shame shame on the british police and by extension the british government.

Joe Bradley said...

Tommy Robinson's and Kevin Carroll's attackers IDENTIFIED.

NOW the world will watch as the Bobbies sit on their ever-spreading butts while reading the Qur'an with their left hand and sucking down crumpets and tea with their right hand.