Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Afghan Government Defends Right to Marry Children

The Afghan government refuses to outlaw child-marriage, because such a ruling would violate Sharia. Since Bill Cosby says we should strive to be more like Muslims, I wonder if he thinks the U.S. should make child-marriage legal.

Washington Times—Afghanistan's parliament has rejected a measure that would have barred men from marrying girls younger than 16, saying the proposal ran counter to Islamic ideology.

The measure also would have banned “baad, [the] traditional practice of buying or selling women to settle disputes,” and outlawed criminal charges being imposed on rape victims, Breitbart reported. Rape victims in Afghanistan often are charged with fornication or adultery.

The me President Hamid Karzai reportedly supported the measures, but opponents said they “violate[d] Islamic principles,” Breitbart reported.

The me The failure of parliament to act in accordance with Mr. Karzai highlights a deep rift among the nation’s politicians. And it comes at a time when elections are set for April 2014 for a new president.

The me There is “a rift between conservative and more secular members of the community,” Sky News reported. (Source)


Anonymous said...

allah and his angels will be thrown into the bottomless pit of hell on judgement day.

So there is a bright side to all of this.

Keep calm and fight islam!

JP Prasad said...

Its't it surprising news, how can any islamic country disobey laws of muhammad,, cause muhammad gets all those sentences while he was at bed with aisha,,lol ,, so all these muslims likes to marry children n wana get same inspirational quotes like muhammad.