Thursday, May 30, 2013

Muslim Sucker Punches Woman at EDL Rally

Can anyone imagine the international outcry and protests if an EDL member had punched a Muslim woman in the face? Such an attack would be on every news channel as proof that the EDL is a violent, hate-filled organization. But when a Muslim punches a woman in the face, the world looks the other way. This video is from 2011. How many people even heard of this taking place? I didn't. But I can guarantee that we all would have heard of it if the woman had been wearing a hijab. The subtle racism of lowered expectations.


akairey said...

Get ready America! Coming soon to a town near you! **Hint-wink-Dearborn**

Hazakim1 said...

I would have stomped him into the pavement.....and kept stomping....seriously. Where are the men at?

whydibuy said...

Its clear now that the multiculturalism concept that the UK liberals thought would bring about utopia is disintegrating day by day.
They are to the point that the gov can barely keep the parties separated by force. And the gov is trying to go outright Orwellian in trying to control peoples thoughts and feelings about this failing multicult experiment. Yes, they are now attempting to arrest people who don't speak as the gov wants, especially with regard to the internet.