Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Selling Sharia

A Muslim explains how to "sell" Sharia to non-Muslims.


Craig said...

Where do people learn what the sharia law actually says? Is there a official book/document of some sort? Do I buy a book called sharia law? I know there's four schools of law, so does each one have a book of laws the sharia court follows? When someone goes to sharia court does the judge pick which school of law he or she would like to follow?

Unknown said...

Deception is the name of the game!
Islam is all about deceiving people. This is why the truth about mohammed and his koran must be prevented from public scrutiny and examination.

Walter said...

I was not aware of what al Muntada was. According to the internets, it is considered a liberal Muslim organization from Bahrain. I fear this may color my perception of the "liberal" reformers of other Muslim countries which are presented as the great alternative to the Muslim Brotherhood, Salafists, et al.