Thursday, April 4, 2013

Pat Condell: I'm Offended by Islam

Here's the latest video by Pat Condell. He makes an absolutely essential point (which Robert Spencer and I made on ABN's "Jihad Watch" last night), namely, that if Islamic leaders expect the West to give in to their perpetual complaints (or, even worse, to criminalize criticism of Islam), why shouldn't these Islamic leaders give in to our complaints about Islam? Why is tolerance always a one-way street in Islam? And why are so many people offended by criticism of Islam, but not by Islam's violent, misogynistic, intolerant teachings?


cheryl_maree said...

Ya well I'm offended with the Book (Koran) saying I (a Christian) am the worst of creatures!

Unknown said...

I get the impression that Condell is offended.

But, how is it possible for an atheist ... to be offended by the morality and ethics of Islam. Oh yes, I forgot he is created in the image of God. He is a moral being, the Law of God is written on his heart (Rom. 2: 15)... that's how!

Frankly, Condell's video posts do nothing for me except expose his bankrupt, irrational worldview ... which can not account for his being offended by Islam.

Anonymous said...

Well Doug, Pat speaks his mind about satanic islam making public aware, and he does it accurately and gracefully. I pray for him. One never know when he'll come to Christ - I trust he will.