Sunday, April 7, 2013

One Killed, 66 Injured as Egyptian Muslims Attack Mourning Christians after Funeral Service

I don't see how this can end well. Now that the Muslim Brotherhood is in power, it's open season on the Copts. But the Copts are trying to defend themselves, and every act of self-defense will be seen as justification for further attacks.

This is exactly what we'll soon be seeing in Syria, after we help put another Islamist regime in power.

Egypt (NBC News)--One person was killed and 66 others were wounded during clashes that erupted in Cairo on Sunday following a funeral service at the city’s main cathedral for four Coptic Christians killed during sectarian violence on Friday, NBC News has confirmed.

Mobs reportedly attacked mourners leaving St. Mark’s Cathedral after a ceremony honoring Christians killed during the latest wave of ethnic tensions to grip the most populous Arab state.

Witnesses told local TV stations that the riot broke out after a throng of people lobbed rocks and petrol bombs at the mourners. Funeral-goers reportedly counterattacked by throwing stones at the mobs, BBC reported.

Riot police deployed around the cathedral sprayed tear gas into the teeming crowd to break up the violence.

At least 66 people were hurt in the melee, including one police officer, Reuters reported.

Mahrous Hana Ibrahim, 30, a Christian, was killed during the bloody clashes, NBC News has confirmed. (Continue Reading.


Tell Everyone You Know said...

Why no mention of the religion of the attackers ?

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