Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Is the Father the Only God?

Muslims often cite certain verses of the New Testament in an attempt to show that, according to Jesus, the Father alone is God. This objection would, of course, pose a problem for Islam, because Allah is not the Father (Qur'an 5:18; 19:88-93; 21:26). Nevertheless, Muslims use these verses to show that the Bible denies the Trinity. But what happens when we examine the passages more carefully? Sam Shamoun explains:


Mietopol said...

That's why Muslims are so violent and angry .They don't know the Savior and are perishing in their trespasses.

Matt said...

Why is this video so long? Is it that hard to explain?

As a Christian I am struggling with the trinity concept. Logically, it doesn't make sense, but maybe I am wrong.

If all men have sinned then God screwed up. Our sin is his fault - a design flaw. The solution is to wipe us out and start over - a redesign. However, if God can send a man who lives a sinless life, then that proves God did not screw up. The sin is not the fault of God. God does not need to wipe us out. This man saved us from obliteration. Instead, it means that each man should be judged separately.

What happens if the man that God sends is actually God? How has he saved us? If only a God can live a sinless life, then that means nothing for the rest of us.

When it comes time for judgment, can I not stand before God and blame him for my sins? He didn't design me correctly? It's not my fault. However, the one way to shut down this defense is to send a man (who is not God) who did not sin.

Please note that a redesign won't solve the problem. That is why sending Jesus was not optional.

Sam said...

Is this guy Matt serious? Or is he another deceptive Muslim pretending to be a Christian? That this guy is a fake and a real quack is obvious from his question regarding the length of the video. An hour is long? You mean to tell me that your seriously whining about taking an hour to explain a vitally important topic is long, but you have no problem sitting and watching shows and movies that are as long, if not longer. So I guess eternal matters are less important and need less time then trivial shows.

Yep, you really convinced me you are a Christian who takes his faith seriously.

Do yourself a favor and find another forum to spew your lies and mislead people into thinking you are a Christian.

Toll said...

Exactly Sam. If Jesus Christ is the one Lord according to Paul then by the Muslim's own argument the Father can not be Lord. According to them however the Father is the Lord as they define him. So they have shot themselves in the foot. So they wriggle out of it by ignoring the rest of what Paul says in these scriptures.
You have exposed their inconsistency once again. If they want to go with Paul they should be consistent and go with him all the way to the end of the line.
Keep up the good work.

Matt said...

"Exactly, Sam."

Exactly, what? That Sam has an attitude problem and no manners?

Sam doesn't explain anything. He just complains. Toll, go look up the definition of "lord" in the dictionary.

Would somebody please that thinking about Christianity instead of reciting verses?

Yes, Christianity is the best religion, but Christians are simply unable to explain critical and important parts.

Toll said...


Why don't you take Sam's advice?

You said: "Toll, go look up the definition of "lord" in the dictionary."

And then? What does that prove?

You are just playing games and attacking Sam personally.

What religion are you? If these comments are the result I would advise you to change it the sooner the better.

cheryl_maree said...

I do believe Matt is Muslim. I have to come to understand that Islam has 2 faces. Yes they are 2 faced, one face says we are peaceful, there is no compulsion in religion, we can all cohabitat together. The other face says, we are going to kill as many of you as we can. Now my question is how do you know who is who?? I have only been studying Islam now for about 3 years but seriously this is my conclusion: Most of the Westernized world gets this idea of the DisneyLand version, they don't pay any attention to the Political Aspect of the other side, the two faces of Islam. Sorry Sam I know I'm off Topic here.