Sunday, April 28, 2013

Inside Britain's Sharia Courts


rivan said...

David totally missed your presence I so wish you were there.

Anonymous said...

Off topic, but one thing I wonder is David, have you ever thought about making a video about Alexander the Great in the Quran? how the Quran copies the (false) legends of the Alexander Romance from Syriac Christians speaking about alexander building a wall to keep Gog and Magog out, reaching the ends of the earth, so on and so forth..

Muslims are terrified of the errors of the quran, it's pretty funny actually

JP Prasad said...

But the fact is all women claims are not right,, we cannot say all women are good,,
even after such bad experiences ,, these muslim women still dont criticizes islamic laws,, nor their husbands outside,, they still support islam,, they teach to their children to hate,,they never gona change,,

Its pathetic community !!

JP Prasad said...

even though islamic laws are bad for society,, but some good in them,,
lest see they charge some 4oo pounds for women to divorce,, if she goes to govt lawyer,, then that lawyer drains money from clients, particularly in world,, lawyers are blood suckers,, that sharia court is somewhat better ,, lol

ellie said...

I don't understand why the Brits would allow sharia when it is contrary to their own law. Why don't they investigate what the Quran actually says before they allow that "religion's" law to effect people?
It seems even the makers of this film are unaware of what sharia entails. Here is a country that has bowed to Islam without even investigating what it entails. Ignorance of the truth is a dangerous thing.

protein sheikh said...

Speechless. By their fruits you will know them.