Friday, April 12, 2013

Charles Jacobs and Robert Spencer Discuss Muslim Persecution of Christians


Lettherebelight, Sweden said...

Thank you. A great video, a disturbing video, right on the point, that urges us to start some serious thinking about what to do to turn the tables in favour of the truth. To start being active, talk to your family and friends, learn yourself and bring about discussions where you live and work.

Unknown said...


Sir/Madam, having discussion is a good start to stop any persecution. Bringing persecution news stories back to front line news rather than celebrity and sport is a start. I think the West has its priorities wrong in the media. There's war, famine, persecution etc taking place but we are being told about celebs and sport more than hard hitting news

Dialogue and understanding amongst people.

People of different faiths suffer persecution:

Also understand that Muslims have suffered at the hands of Christians too:

Fifth Monarchy Man said...

Hey John Smith,

you said:

Also understand that Muslims have suffered at the hands of Christians too:

I say,

you need to understand that when Christians persecute others they are acting directly contrary to their scriptures but when Muslims violently subjugate Christians they are doing what their scriptures demand

The solution for both problems is not ultimately understanding and dialogue amongst people it's the embrace of the Gospel and it's proclamation to every tongue tribe and nation.


BlackmooreJoe said...

Both interlocutors have a strong opinion and do not listen to their opponent. As for me, I had direct experience with Muslims in an authentic environment. I was at the World Cup in Qatar. Usually I have enough online check results - But the circumstances were such that I went to the final)) I realized that Muslims have strict rules, but they give a choice to those who profess a different religion (if it does not contradict the rules). for example I couldn't bet in the stadium but could use my standard online site.