Monday, March 11, 2013

Two U.S. Service Members Dead in Latest Afghan Insider Attack

Some soldiers fight like men. Others pretend to be your friend, hang out with you, get to know you, have lunch with you, and then open fire when you least expect it. As Muhammad said, "War is deceit."

KABUL, Afghanistan -- Two U.S. service members were killed and at least eight others injured Monday in a possible insider attack at a special forces site in Afghanistan, U.S. and Afghan officials said.

The shooting occurred at a U.S. special operations outpost in Wardak province in eastern Afghanistan, U.S. officials said. The shooter, who was dressed in an Afghan military or police uniform, was shot and killed.

"We have two confirmed dead, but the toll could rise,” one U.S. official said.

A senior official in the Afghan Defense Ministry said that at least three Afghans were also killed.

The Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack in a text message sent by Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid. The group has falsely claimed responsibility for attacks in the past. (Continue Reading.)

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Check our "Inside Combat Rescue" on National Geographic. Mondays, 10pm EST. Our soldiers continue to save Afghan lives despite constant threats to their own safety.