Sunday, March 17, 2013

Robert Spencer at CPAC "Uninvited" Panel

Robert Spencer discusses the government's support for the Muslim Brotherhood, and the cowardice of those who should oppose such support.


dj said...

It is truly scary how this viewpoint isn't the norm in America. What's wrong with us?

Unknown said...

So what can the average American citizen do to help promote an opposition? I can sit back and see all this happen and agree but what can I do? Is there not enough of us like minded people to come together and make a fuss? Maybe I am clueless but I have yet to find a productive resource where the people can get involved and unite under this outrage that is not being heard. And don't get me wrong, Pam Geller and Robert Spencer are awesome and they are paving the way despite the power struggle but how can the average person get involved? Is there not a group of some kind that can come together and grow so we can't be ignored? Or has nothing been done for so long it's too late?