Sunday, March 3, 2013

Muslim Family Distributes Islamic Literature in Public Elementary School

Everyone seems confused as to how this Muslim family got such unprecedented access to public school classrooms. But there's really no mystery here. Americans have been systematically indoctrinated for years to think that any resistance to Islamic propaganda is the result of racism, bigotry, and Islamophobia. So if you're an elementary school teacher, and a Muslim shows up at your door, are you going to take a stand? Of course not. That would make you a hate-monger.

On a related note, since Muslims were allowed to distribute Islamic literature, I suggest some local citizens pass out pamphlets on Islam (here's one on Jihad you can print at home). Even if the school won't let you inside (demonstrating their double standards), American citizens have every right to stand on public sidewalks to distribute materials (unless, of course, you try it in Dearborn, Michigan).

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTHI) - Administrators at the Vigo County School Corporation are trying to figure out how a Muslim family managed to go classroom to classroom Friday morning, handing out religious literature to most every teacher while school was in session.

“And we are addressing that, we are making changes,” said Ray Azar, the corporation’s director of student services.

Azar told reporters Monday afternoon that an internal investigation is being launched at Dixie Bee Elementary, the K through 5 school three girls in that Muslim family attend. Azar said those girls and their father were properly approved to drop off cards, with a religious message, and a flower for each teacher at the school. But the family, according to Azar, was never supposed to venture beyond the school’s main office.

The message on the fliers the family dropped off reads, “Mohammed is a prophet of Mercy. Do not defame people, lest you make them your enemies.” The school corporation vehemently denies any claim that it was endorsing a particular religion by allowing the school visit; rather, according to Azar, it was viewed as a lesson in history.

Not one school board member was willing to comment on the incident at Dixie Bee Elementary, and the topic did not come up at Monday evening’s school board meeting. (Source)


Koala Bear said...

Frightening. I am so glad I have never had children. I would be a complete wreck!

ARYAN_21 said...

i as a sanatani hindu from a warrior cast( satrya 96 maratha) supports david
ur message reveling islam as a false religion and ur commad on it is great
i as a shtrya respect u and provide u full honoir protection at any time being called

adityaraje nikam

GreekAsianPanda said...

Honestly, it sounds like it could have been a simple mistake; maybe the family didn't understand that they were "never supposed to venture beyond the school’s main office", as the article states.

I'm just being charitable here, I guess.

gabriella oak said...

This message reads like a threat to me.

Joe Bradley said...

Passing out religious "gifts" is illegal anywhere on school grounds - including the School's main office.

I don't know who the school's legal representative is but, seemingly, anyone in Indiana can pass the Bar exam. For the school's lawyers to approve this (as per the news report) is cause for Bar discipline against them.

MataLoko said...

Yes to me it sure is a threat.
Ironic that Mohammed was warning his own about creating enemies, no doubt this was while he was still weak in Mekkah.

Totally outrageous lie to say it was part of history lesson. " a single quote of the "prophet of mercy", a lie in itself. Intended as a obvious threat here and now. is not history.

Deleting said...

Sounds to me this is a veiled threat...don't say anything bad about islam. Don't defame our prophet.

Chances are good that this passing out of information came about because the three kids overheard someone talking bad about islam.

It's still disturbing. If they can get past school personel once they could do it again if someone does say something bad about islam.

Joe Bradley said...

This school does have a web site with contact information. If anyone's interested Click Here!