Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Florida Mother Sahar Thabit Burns Daughter in Honor Attack

The Huffington Post, NBC News, and a Florida police department are reporting that Sahar Thabit, a Florida mother, has burned her daughter repeatedly for talking to a boy online. Though we are told that the burns are punishment for violating a certain religion, all three sources fail to mention what religion this might be. Instead, readers are assured that "honor violence is not specific to any one religion." So Sahar could, for all we know, be a Baptist, a Buddhist, or a Scientologist. I guess we'll just never have the slightest idea which of these equally likely possibilities is correct. (For more on honor killings, be sure to watch our ABN special with Pamela Geller.)

HOLLYWOOD, FLORIDA -- A Hollywood mother burned her teenage daughter with a hot knife to punish her for talking to a boy she met online, an act that defied her parents' wishes for her to marry a cousin, according to authorities.

The 17-year-old showed detectives three burn marks on her arms, saying they were placed there in act of "honor violence" by her mother for betraying the family's culture and religion, according to a police report.

The mother, Sahar Thabit, 35, born in Yemen, was arrested Friday and is facing three counts of child abuse after the family learned about the Internet friendship, police said.

Victim advocates say that "honor violence," in which a woman is victimized for having shamed or violated cultural or religious norms, particularly those of Middle Eastern countries, is gaining attention in the United States as more Middle Eastern families move here and young women immerse themselves in Western culture.

School officials were alerted to the burns by the teenager's classmate, who told them the parents became enraged because the girl, who the Sun Sentinel is not naming, was supposed to have been in an arranged marriage with a cousin.

Hollywood Police said the girl was burned in the first or second week of January. A school vice principal contacted police on Jan. 13. The school's name was redacted from the police report.

The teen told detectives that her mother put a knife on a stove and heated the metal. She then placed the knife on the girl's arms, police said. She was burned twice on her left forearm and once on her upper right arm, police said. The girl told authorities both her parents knew of the incident.

The girl's father, who was not identified, initially told police that the girl accidentally burned herself on the stove, according to the report. When a detective noted there were three similar burns, the father reportedly asked to speak to a lawyer.

Police did not interview the mother because she speaks only Arabic, Detective Chris Christianson wrote in his report. A man who answered the phone at the family's West Hollywood house Monday said only that "everything is fine" and declined to comment further without a lawyer.

The girl's friend told police that the teen had tried to commit suicide over the incident. The teen is reportedly now living with family friends, but details were not immediately available.

Somy Ali, who runs South Florida-based No More Tears, said she met with the teenager about a month ago in hopes of helping her. Her group helps immigrants brought to the United States through arranged marriages and often are victims of domestic or honor violence.

Ali said she lost contact with the girl after their initial consultation.

"When I spoke to her, she was terrified and tried to insist her parents didn't do it," Ali said Monday. "She opened up a little, but then became reluctant because she thought I was working with the detectives."

Ali, who said she was disowned by her father at a young age, said some of the victims she has helped over the years include women from different religions and countries, mostly from the Middle East.

"It is a very image-based culture and you are seen as dishonoring the family for things like having premarital sex or having a boyfriend," Ali said. "Oftentimes it's the brother who goes as far as killing the woman to save face on behalf of the family."

The police report did not identify the family's religion. Lenore Walker, a Nova Southeastern psychology professor and domestic violence expert, said honor violence is not specific to any one religion, and described it mostly as a cultural issue. (Continue reading at Huffington Post.)

***UPDATE*** Prepare to be shocked. CBS News and Fox News are reporting that the Thabit family is devoutly Muslim! How did other news agencies and police miss this important fact? If I didn't know better (which I don't), I might think that the media are so terrified of Islam that they will gladly conceal Islamic violence.


Anonymous said...

Islam is the biggest fraud in the history of mankind

David M said...

David, I don't know if you know, but let's add this one up as well. The Aurora shooter is now a Muslim. Hmmmmmmmm. Does that seem weird. Hmmmmmmmmmmm. What a coincidence.

Anonymous said...

Another mohammedan?

I thought for sure this time it was a Buddhist.

Or maybe a Mennonite.

I never would have guessed that Islam was involved.


Anonymous said...

Savages - Murderers - Barbarians - Primitives and Cowards! their pedophile prophet.

Western civilization must PERMANENTLY destroy this virus before it spreads.

Anonymous said...

The silence from the left whenever muslims commit despicable acts (which is a daily occurance) is absolutely deafening.

People who claim to fight for womens rights, minority rights, gay rights, have no problems becoming bed buddies with the most intolerant cult on the face of the earth, let's just be realistic, even by Europes hate speech law standards, Islam should be outlawed from being practiced, most countries have laws against speech defaming an "identifiable group" and considering the hateful slander and outright sickening comments that litter the qurans 114 surahs of satanic chants and incantations, islam by and large should, and can be outlawed under Europe, Canadas and most other countries legal jurisdictions.

Ironically, the fact that not a single muslim-majority country practices full Sharia law should speak volumes about what it is like to live under it

Even the Muslims of Mali greeted the French army with open arms after they crushed the ansar al din cultists over the past month or so

Murtadd said...

I can already hear a muslim defender trying to sell us that this "poor" lady is sick and demented. Her actions should not be used as a yardstick to "defame" their peaceful religion.

Yeah, heard it all before.

This "one witness" cult is clearly from the devil himself.

In Christ, for Christ, by Christ

Tom ta tum Tom said...

NO WAY! The nightmarish abuse of the young woman CAN'T be something resulting from Islamic influences. Just as Ms. Walker said: this is a CULTURAL issue.

Wait! It was caused by the jinn or maybe too much gin but NOT by anything taught in Islam. No such teaching can be found in "The Recalcitrance of the Traveler", nor in any of the a-HATEiths, nor in the "sewer-a" of the pseudo-Prophet of Islam, nor in the un-Holy Qur'an - unless you're "taking it out of context".

Just show me - SHOW me - where it specifically says "burn the girl with the knife" or "Throw Mama from the train". HAH! Y'see?

How could it possibly be that - just because (in Islam) parents generally are not accountable for the murders of their offspring - these particular parents are somehow responsible for the violence against this child?

Why, it's ABSURD! It's the GIRL who is guilty (and she probably had the help of some sneaky zionist or some racist ISLAMOPHOBE)! She should receive an appropriate Islamic reprimand for handling a knife without the presence of a male relative!

And the knife? Well, if the knife can be found it should be put back into a small, dark, quiet drawer somewhere and be forced to pay the jizya with willing submission (boy, that'll teach that knife to misbehave).

Every Muslim that I know will very quickly tell me and you that NO VIOLENCE or sedition or stealing or torture or suicide bombing or lies or murder or rape or racism or misogyny or fascism or supremacism can be found anywhere in Islam (they're all good little girl scouts and boy scouts - they really are). And because that story comes from Muslims, we can all say we got that story from "authentic" Islamic sources.

As as the Muslims say - when they're busy killing the filthy kuffar:


Anonymous said...

Islam in no way looks at this positively. The people ruined Islam.
Islam is perfect. Muslims aren’t!!
Before talking about something you are not familiar with, look it up and make sure you know what you are attacking. Look up the real Islam and not the one the media feeds you!!

David Wood said...


You say that Islam is perfect, but you condemn honor crimes. Then you tell us that we need to look up "real" Islam and not what the media feeds us.

You seem to have everything backwards. The media feed us silly claims about Islam being wonderful. It's when we read Muhammad's teachings that we see how dangerous Islam is.

Take the issue of honor killings for instance. According to Islam (not the media):

(1) Anyone who diverges from orthodox Muslim practice is an apostate.

(2) The penalty for apostasy is death.

(3) Muslims are supposed to carry out Islamic penalties against their own families.

So, if a Muslim girl starts dating some guy against her parents' wishes, they simply need to conclude that she isn't being a good Muslim. If she isn't being a good Muslim, she is in the apostate category and can be executed by her family. This is what Islam teaches. So do you believe that killing these girls is "perfect"?

Anonymous said...

David you'll never get a straight answer from a muslim, I came to that conclusion a long time ago, when they can't refute something they attack childishly name calling you a racist, islamaphobe and such, when that doesn't frighten and stop critics of islam they post rubbish and run from one subject to another without answering said topic originally being discussed, and when all else fails will ban and remove posts, then take your arguments/refutations and try to twist them in their favour. Like to thank you and Sam for being so brave also ABN for shedding light on this horrible barbaric and satanic political/religious ideology.

Plagiarised your works on multiple occasions but always include the source website articles written by David Wood etc.. and it's great to see peoples opinions changing from that's just mean and racist, to now I agree, it really is a system of control and mohammed was a paedophile who coveted infants and little children, who raped and allowed his merry men to go on raping wars and mame and kill anyone and every one. All all whilst posting authentic verses from the quran and hadiths. The truth speaks louder that the lies these vile primitives sling around, anyhow keep up the good work, much appreciated, God bless you and your Family and friends.

Murtadd said...

@ Amiran N

Here's your opportunity to "educate" us infidels of the real "pure" islam.

Please tell us about your religion and why you are a muslim. Please use references to back up your claims.

We eagerly await your "diluted" view of islam.

In Christ, for Christ, by Christ