Friday, February 22, 2013

Radicals Gaining Ground in Syria

So the rebels are becoming increasingly radicalized in Syria, and the fall of the secular regime is inevitable. Nothing to worry about here. Let's all join CAIR in combating Islamophobia.

Istanbul (CNN) -- A year ago, Ibrahim Qobani was an idealistic 19-year-old revolutionary who sang about freedom.

Always dressed in a scarf and fingerless gloves woven with the colors of the Syrian rebel flag, Qobani worked with a team of pro-democracy activists in Syria's northern Idlib province. He would sing from the rooftops during boisterous anti-government protests, complete with humorous animations that begged the international community to help stop Syrian government atrocities.

But today, Qobani appears much different in a series of YouTube videos.

Gone is the scarf with colors of the rebel flag. Instead of leading the chants, the young man stands in the crowd smiling as one man sings, "We destroyed America with a civilian plane, turned the World Trade Center into a pile of dirt. If you call me a terrorist, I say it's an honor."

In another video, Qobani stands cheering with a crowd of bearded men as a little boy sings, "Our commander is Bin Laden. He showed the Americans the strength of our faith." A man gives the boy a knife, which he proceeds to slice through the air as he sings, "Our police is Nusra. Just wait Alawites. We will come to slaughter you." (Continue Reading.)


Radical Moderate said...

Whats funny is that Muslims say the reason Muslims are being "radicalized" is because the west gets involved in Muslim countries. When the west does not get involved in Muslim countries it causes them to be "radicalized".

betwixt said...

It's hard not to feel heartbroken for those Muslims, who are good people at heart, but are equally victimized by their own "brothers and sisters." Islam is as brutal to its followers as it is brutal to non-Muslims. Many of these Muslims are totally deceived that Islam is their salvation in this life and after. It's cruel, especially in very trying conditions like Syria and pretty much most of the Arab lands. The only hope Islam seems to offer is death and perhaps Jannah in the afterlife...maybe. Otherwise, they are only told to be patient when faced with sorrow and despair. There is no hope and healing in that. It is cruel to see how Islam denies Muslims the ability to recognize and receive the hope that God has promised and does bless us with here and now. Thankfully, God does not deny His love from Muslims for being Muslims. Thankfully, love and hope begins with God.

Radical Moderate said...

Saturday 2/23 at 7 AM US Central time. Missionary to African Muslims Dr. Peter Hammond will be doing a liver video interview on Paltalk. Room is under Religion and Spirituality Islam and the Name of the Room is: "Muslims and Christians Discuss”. There will be an open mic to ask him questions. He has evangelized to Muslims in some of the worst war torn Muslim controlled area's in Africa. Sudan, Nigeria etc..