Thursday, February 14, 2013

Christian Pastor Jailed after Church Attack by Muslims

Imagine the international outrage if the situation were reversed. If Muslims were not allowed to gather for prayer, and a group of Christians stormed the Muslim gathering, and the Imam were thrown in jail, we would hear endless complaints from every media outlet in the world, touting the injustice as a clear result of widespread bigotry and Islamophobia. But since the victims are Christians, and the victimizers are Muslims, no one is outraged or even surprised. It seems that politicians and the mainstream media expect far less from Muslims than they expect from everyone else. Who are the real racists (assuming, as is all too common, that Islam qualifies as a "race")?

INDONESIA--The wife of a church minister who was jailed two weeks ago for allegedly conducting a service without a permit also faces arrest for defying an order from local authorities to stop holding services at a church in Sumedang, West Java.

Minister Bernhard Maukar and his wife, Corry, were holding a service at their Pentecostal church (GPdI) in Mekargalih village, Jatinangor subdistrict, on Jan. 27, when it was attacked by members of the Islamic Defenders Front (FPI), who claimed that the church did not have a valid permit to operate.

CCTV footage obtained by the Jakarta Globe shows details of the attack where a gang of about 50 members from the hard-line organization scaled the gates of the religious facility, caused havoc and destruction within the place of worship and physically threatened the minister — at one point using Bernhard’s necktie to strangle him.

Bernhard was arrested by officials from the Sumedang Public Order Agency (Satpol PP) two days later for continuing to hold services without a valid permit, which breaks a 2005 local government law.

The minister is currently serving a three-month sentence at the Sumedang prison as he could not pay the Rp 25 million ($2,600) fine ordered by the district court.

Corry said this is the third major act of violence the FPI has inflicted upon them in the past two years.

The grandmother explained that the latest attack on the church, which has been running for 26 years, had significantly traumatized the 400-member congregation, many of whom are now too afraid to return. (Continue Reading.)


Joe Bradley said...

Taking a page from the Dearborn Police Department's playbook.

Jesus Is Lord said...

WHAT IS THIS WORLD COMING TO??? Christians around the world are being persecuted!! There's a clear pattern here with a major agenda.
Muslims are just a bunch of thugs because that's what Muhammad was! Their way or the highway. Cry babies!

Anonymous said...

it shouldn't be a surprise. they follow a crazy caveman.

that says it all.

Murtadd said...

Its amazing how false muslims can be. They always propogate how peaceful and tolerant their religion is.

When you are in discussion with muslims they will always try to force the following surah down your throat to "proof" islam's peaceful nature.

[109:006] Unto you your religion, and unto me
my religion.

Sorry muhammed, no one is buying that anymore, Islam is the most intolerant, vile and disgusting religion on the real God's earth.

But let me guess, its not the muslims doing it. Its a Jew all dressed up as a muslim doing all the killing and persecution.

In Christ, for Christ, by Christ