Thursday, January 3, 2013

WARNING: I Am Not on Facebook!

Someone pointed out that there is a David Wood Facebook page here. Whoever is running it seems to be a fan, and not hostile at all. However, since he is posting under my name, and since the people commenting seem to think they are talking to me, I should point out that I have nothing to do with the page and have no clue who's running it.


Anonymous said...

why don't u make ur official facebook page, there millions of your fans out-there?

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Anonymous said...

dear david wood, you have millions of fan, why don't you make your official facebook page?

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Unknown said...

david wood what do you hink of the book of enoch, i am reading it and its soo amazing but at the same time i am angry because its not in the bible where it should me. can you give me your opinion why you think it should be in the bible or shouldnt be? thank you, love your work!

Koala Bear said...

How sad that muslims would rather nit pick on FB page than here. Cowards I guess. Where is Osama? Running away from the Naik challenge?

Unknown said...

Hi David,

I know who are running your FB page. If you want the ownership of that page then let me know.

Anonymous said...

Hi david wood,

i want to sent you some useful data, can you please give any email address where i can send it to you.