Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Refuting Shabir Ally on the Crucifixion of Jesus

Shabir Ally is perhaps Islam's best debater. Unfortunately for Shabir, his religion requires him to believe that Jesus never died by crucifixion, and this flies in the face of history and logic. In the following video, we examine Shabir's "evidence" that Jesus did not die. Shabir's claims give us an excellent picture of what happens when an intelligent man is forced to defend an absurd proposition.


Radical Moderate said...

Muslims seem to be interested and believe anything but the truth.

Anonymous said...

You should do Shabir Ally's stance that "Paul corrupted the Bible and Christianity" but yet in many Islamic books by the greatest Islamic scholars and biographers Paul is a prophet and a messenger of Allah, who funny thing turns out to be Jesus.

It also goes with the false premise what Muslims say that There was no prophets after Jesus until Muhammad, yet the Quran says that there were three prophets, Simon, John and Simon Peter or BULUS, who is Paul, who were PROPHETS of God and even did miracles, unlike Muhammad;


So Paul, according to the Quran and tafsirs, is one of the best prophets of God, and and that God is Jesus because he sent them....and they could do miracles, but Muhammad couldn't do one.

Anonymous said...

The Koran's Jesus is not the Bible's Jesus anyway. So the Koran's Jesus can come back all he likes, he is still not the real Christ.

JP Prasad said...

I see the two kind of picture resembles as taj mahal,, beck side of these talkers in video,,

Actually taj mahal is originally called as Tejo Mahal,, which is shiva temple.

The term Taj Mahal itself never occurs in any Mogul court paper or chronicle even in Aurangzeb’s time.

A wooden piece from the riverside eastern doorway of the Taj subjected to the carbon – 14 tests by an American laboratory, has revealed the door to be 300 years older than Shahjahan. Since the doors of the Taj, broken open by Muslim invaders repeatedly from the 11th century onwards, for plunder and ravage, had to be replaced from time to time the Taj edifice is much older than many of its doors. It belongs to 1155 A. D. i.e. almost 500 years anterior to Shahjahan.

The book has a copy of the report published by Evan Williams, Professor of Chemistry, and Brooklyn College, New York. It says that a wood piece from the door at North East end of the Taj Mahal has an age between 1448 to 1270 A.D.

etc etc

TAREK said...

Nice one Dr. David
I would like to hear from Samatar, Prof. Ossama BUFFOON Abdullah brief from muslims who visit this blog. As a M. practitioner one thing I have diagnosed so far from muslims almost all of them is the following condition: Persistent Inconsistency Syndrome. I came up with this pathology after several tests which consist of ruling in or out dangerous viruses. The process is long, difficult but not impossible.
The last thing I observed is that a muslim isn't disturbed to lie to himself.
GOD BLESS you Dr. David

Anonymous said...

He may be smart. However, he's certainly delusional.

Anonymous said...


If you are going to counterfeit money, then you get it as near as possible as the REAL money, so that you can pass it off as REAL money, which it isn't.

Mohammedan say Jesus is coming again, but they don't tell you that He will not rule according to the Evangel, but as a follower of Mohammed.

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