Sunday, January 13, 2013

Jesus Christ: Man, God, or Both? (C. L. Edwards vs. Ijaz Ahmad)

Former Muslim C. L. Edwards takes on Ijaz Ahmad in this debate on one of the central disagreements between Christianity and Islam. One of the debaters will answer the question clearly and coherently. The other will ramble and make no sense whatsoever. Care to guess which is which?

Here's C.L.'s video review of the debate:

C.L.'s written review can be found here.

For more on C. L.'s background, here's a video we made a while back:


Zack_Tiang said...

I believe I've encounter Ijaz somehow somewhere on Facebook in one of those Islam vs Christianity groups...

He is just an ego-centric babbler who cares not to understand what the other has to say or has explained.
It was a very frustrating experience.

Radical Moderate said...

What is interesting about Ijaz and a few others Muslims I have encountered is that they seem to be using Anti Missionary Jewish arguments against Christ.

For instance Ijaz says in the debate that the suffering servant in Isiah is really Israel.

Now what is interesting about this, is that The Quran says that Jews corrupted their scripture, that that allah hates them and Islamic theology says they are liars and deceivers.

I asked Ijaz about this, why he believes the anti missionary Jewish position on Isiah whom he believes are liars and deceivers and not the 1st century Jewish Christian interpretation?

His answer
"In Islam there is something called middle path...I listen to both sides, I accept Messianic Jews when they say Christ is the Messiah... But when they say more then that, that he is a deity I disagree with them. So when I go to the Jews and they say something that agrees with my theology I will accept it. The truth doesn't matter who says it once its the truth and it affirms Islamic belief I will accept it... It doesn't matter who says it... a homosexual, a drunkard, a whore,... I'm going to accept that."

So that is the middle path in Islam anything that agrees with Islam you accept anything that disagrees with Islam you reject. It doesn't matter who says it as long as it agrees with Isalm.

Royal Son said...

Radical Moderate - Whenever he does it, it's the middle path. Whenever others do it, it's confirmation bias.

Funny dat.

I find it quite amusing whenever he accuses people of confirmation bias, taking into account the pure desperation he employs by appealing to sources that bury his own position if ONLY he would bother to read them.

Radical Moderate said...


He also said in the last Q to CL
"If we are to be objective we can not rely on tradition" lol

Anonymous said...

@ DAvid
sligtly off topic but how do you referance your haddith i some times have a hard time finding it unless i do a word search because most references refers to books and volumes etc they are in

Hazakim1 said...

Excellent job brother CL

Logos Truth said...

Ijaz is a young joke, I hope he continues to represent Islam LOL...

Logos Truth said...

LOL... apart from the calm demeanor, Ijaz has NOTHING in regards to the BIBLE or CHRISTIANITY!! .. I also HOPE Ijaz continues his apologetics for Islam..... lol.... :)